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From the Australian Dollar to the Japanese Yen, Travelmaker offer 0% commission free rates on currency for all leading holiday destinations.

Available from all Travelmaker branches, or any post office counter in your Grand Marché & Locale stores or you can order online at www.ci-travelmoney.com and we’ll deliver straight to your door.

 Wherever you’re heading, choose TRAVEL MONEY from Travelmaker for 0% commission free rates on your holiday currency and if you confirm your holiday with Travelmaker, you receive a VIP currency card, giving you an even better rate!

We have over 50 currencies available - visit www.ci-travelmoney.com or call 01534 784386 for more information. 


Buy Rate

Sell Rate


EUR 1.2571 1.1450   Euros
USD 1.3321 1.2133   United States Dollars
AUD 1.7391 1.5450   Australian Dollars
BBD 2.5825 2.2822   Barbados Dollar
BGN 2.4177 2.1366   Bulgarian Lev
CAD 1.7568 1.5607   Canada Dollar
DKK 9.3694 8.2799   Denmark Krone
EGP 19.7350 17.4402   Egypt Pound
HKD 10.3440 9.1412   Hong Kong Dollar
JPY 150.8655 133.3230   Japanese Yen
NZD 1.8548 1.6478   New Zealand Dollar
NOK 11.0142 9.8249   Norwegian Krone
PLN 5.2963 4.6805   Polish Zloty
SGD 1.8680 1.6508   Singapore Dollar
ZAR 17.2148 15.2932   South African Rand
SEK 11.9897 10.5955   Swedish Krona
CHF 1.3491 1.1985   Swiss Franc
THB 45.7845 40.4607   Thai Bhat
TRY 4.7130 4.1869   Turkey Lira
AED 4.8856 4.3175   United Arab Emirates Dirham

These rates were last updated at 08:30 on 24/02/2017.


When using our post office counters to buy or sell currency we may ask you to provide official ID and proof of address.                             Photographic ID  will be accepted in the form of a :-

*   Full current Passport            *  Armed Forces Identity Card           *   Birth Certificate.

*   National Identity Card            *  Full Driving Licence, provided it is of a type that carries a photograph of the holder.       

The following documents are acceptable to verify your address :-

*   Recent household or utility bill      *      An original of a recent letter from an employer on headed paper.

*   An original of a recent official letter from a States’ Department or Parochial Authority, e.g. a letter from the Tax Office.

*   Recent Bank or Credit Card Statement.

In addition a contact telephone number is required.    

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