About the Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Foundation was formed in 1992 to support producers working in developing countries by:

  • helping to provide a better deal for growers and smaller scale producers in developing countries
  • helping the producers tackle their poverty, ensuring sustainable environments and livelihoods
  • ensuring decent wages and working conditions

To find out more about the Fairtrade Foundation, visit their website.

How we help

We do our best to inform, educate and motivate our customers to buy Fairtrade products, hoping to help make a difference to producers in the developing world. 

We also have representatives on the Jersey and Guernsey Fairtrade Working Groups to help with our mission of increasing knowledge and use of Fairtrade products locally. 

We’re committed to supporting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and improving conditions in our supply chain. We'll continue to promote Fairtrade and develop long term, sustainable relationships and offer the widest range and availability of Fairtrade products.

We hope to help by securing progress in developing countries towards living wages, trade union recognition (where lawful), the end of child labour, reasonable working hours and overtime.  

Our products

Today, we stock around 200 Fairtrade products in our larger stores, making our range the largest in the Channel Islands. 

All our own-brand hot beverages are now Fairtrade, even our iconic Co-op 99 tea. Our Fairtrade wines also tell a story about struggling communities revived and renewed, about schools built, clean water supplied and hope restored. 

The variety of products available is always growing, too. Look out for Fairtrade products such as:

  • cereal bars
  • biscuits
  • puddings
  • ice-cream
  • honey
  • sugar
  • nuts
  • crackers
  • beverages
  • cotton wool 

Who says that Fairtrade is just about coffee and bananas?