NewWeigh – Medical Weight Management

NewWeigh – Medical Weight Management

Ask in store about our new medical weight management programme.

Is your weight affecting your health or are you struggling to lose a few stubborn pounds? Our NewWeigh products provide all the nutrients your body needs and your fat reserves are used to supply the energy. This allows you to get everything you need in a day to be healthy, in the minimum number of daily calories.

Our new supervised weight management programme is available exclusively at your Pharmacy Locale. This new service includes regular support and guidance from our expert pharmacy team. 

NewWeigh offers two diet plans, which are fully supervised in our Grand Marché St Peter, Grand Marché St Helier, Bath Street and New Era pharmacies. Both plans combine confidential weigh-ins and advice.

Total Diet Replacement (TDR) Plan

  1. Replacement of all ordinary foods with a nutrient-complete formulation. This strict dieting phase continues until you reach your desired weight or wish to stop.
  2. Completion of a medical questionnaire and approval from the pharmacist is required before commencing this strict form of dieting.
  3. Typical weight loss per month is 1 stone (6.3kg) for women and 1½ stone (9.5kg) for men.

Meal Replacement Plan (MRP)

  1. A flexible way to diet and get your weight under control, with the support and advice from our pharmacy.
  2. Replace 1 or 2 meals a day with our tasty, high protein, high fibre, and nutritious foods.
  3. Pop in and see your Pharmacy Locale team in for a free BMI calculation and try a free sample

For more details about the NewWeigh programme, or to find out if it is right for you, please pop in and talk to our pharmacy team who will be happy to assist you.

Remember that the best diet is a healthy diet. All diet plans and supplements are there to help assist in weight loss but should not be used to become part of your forever lifestyle.