Beers, Wines & Spirits

Christmas is rewarding yourself after untangling all the Christmas lights.

We’ve picked a few of our favourite products to showcase to you on this page. You’ll find plenty more in your local Co-op. 

Christmas Beers, Wines & Spirits

A selection of award winning, Fairtrade and Irresistible Beers Wines & Spirits.

Module - A reward for untangling the Christmas lights
A reward for untangling the Christmas lights

Close Encounters Chateau neuf du Pape

Module - Something new
Something new

Irresistible Prosecco & Irresistible Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower Gin Liqueur Cocktail

Module - Irresistible Gin
Irresistible Gin

Irresistible Premium Gin & Irresistible Non-Alcoholic Gin

Festive Cocktails

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