Classic Herd milk dispenser

Classic Herd milk dispenser

Fill up a glass milk bottle from our Classic Herd milk dispenser machine.

We are pleased to announce our Locale Charing Cross now has a Classic Herd milk dispenser.

As a community retailer, we listen to our members and have decided to move one of the milk dispensers from our Grand Marché St Helier store. By making this move we are able to cater for our on-the-go shoppers, who want to grab last minute essentials before going home.

Pick up a reusable glass bottle from the store and fill up with delicious, local Classic Herd milk. Customers can bring their clean bottles back and repeat the process.

As an ethical and responsible retailer with sustainability at our heart, we are always looking at ways in which we can reduce the amount of plastic in our stores.

Which is why we introduced Classic Herd milk vending machines and glass milk bottles into Grand Marché St Helier and Charing Cross.

We are proud to work with local producers Classic Herd as one of our partners and bring this initiative in to our flag ship Jersey store. Grand Marché St Helier and Charing Cross are the only supermarket stores on the island to be selling Classic Herd milk from one of the milk vending machines.

How do the milk dispensers work?

  1. Pick up your glass milk bottle from Grand Marché St Helier or Charing Cross.
  2. Fill your 1 litre glass bottle with fresh pasteurised milk straight from Classic Herd.
  3. Pay for both your bottle (£2.50) and milk (£1.30) at the checkout.
  4. The next time you come in to the store bring your clean bottle with you and refill at the milk dispenser.
  5. You will now just need to pay for the milk at the checkout.

Why are we doing this?

Reducing the amount of plastic in our stores is something we take very seriously. By introducing milk dispensers in Grand Marché St Helier and Charing Cross, we are offering you the option to buy your milk in glass bottles as well as reducing our plastic consumption and protecting the environment.

We have set ourselves a target for all our own brand packaging to be easily recyclable or reusable by 2023. We are also working closely with our local suppliers to reduce single-use plastics.

For us protecting our environment, supporting sustainability, connecting with others and working with local producers are hugely important which is why we are championing this initiative with Classic Herd.


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