GRO Range

GRO Range

Your Co-op is supporting vegan.

We’ve got lots of ways to help you be good this year. Like a healthy range of great value, plant-based vegan food options available at your local Co-op and online.

We are supporting the Veganuary movement with our plant-based range, GRO.

By tapping into the latest consumer trends our GRO range was designed to meet the growing appetite for plant-based alternatives.

Veganism becomes more popular each year and we want to support our fellow vegan customers by giving them the opportunity to shop at their Co-op for meat-free options for breakfast, lunch, on the go snacks, treats and dinnertime favourites.

The GRO range is available online or in-store today.

Here are some highlights from our GRO range:

Module - Falafel & spiced houmous wrap
Falafel & spiced houmous wrap

Chilli wrap with a mixed salad, sweet chilli sauce and chutney.

Module - Chick’n & stuffin’ sandwich
Chick’n & stuffin’ sandwich

Plant-based sandwich with chick’n, herby sage stuffing and cream slaw.

Module - Spicy squash & Mex bean salad
Spicy squash & Mex bean salad

Vegan Mexican salad with an avocado dip and tortilla chips.

Module - Crispy veg fingers
Crispy veg fingers

Vegetable fingers with sweetcorn, carrots, peppers and peas in a crisp crumb coating.

Module - The incredible burger
The incredible burger

Two juicy and succulent, extra thick incredible burgers.

Module - Falafel & Taboulleh salad
Falafel & Taboulleh salad

Tabbouleh and falafel salad with cucumber, carrot, red onion and sweet red pepper houmous.

Module - Southern fried chick’n pops
Southern fried chick’n pops

Succulent soya bites in crispy southern-style coating.

Module - Slow roast tomato & veg pasta salad
Slow roast tomato & veg pasta salad

Vegetable and tomato pasta salad with courgettes, grilled peppers, spinach and sundried tomato dressing.

Module - Beet falafel and giant cous cous salad
Beet falafel and giant cous cous salad

With crunchy pumpkin seeds and a spicy coconut dressing.

Module - Creamy coconut and cauliflower curry
Creamy coconut and cauliflower curry

Plant-based curry with green beans, roast squash and fragrant jasmine rice.

Module - The sausage roll
The sausage roll

Vegan sausage roll with a herby savoury soya filling.

Module - Katsu curry
Katsu curry

Crunchy breaded soya bites and fragrant jasmine rice.

Module - Porcini ravioli
Porcini ravioli

Gluten-free pasta filled with portobello and porcini mushrooms in garlic.

Module - Chunky veg pasty
Chunky veg pasty

Chunky vegetable pasty packed with tasty roots.

Module - Sizzlin’ sausages
Sizzlin’ sausages

Sausages with tender and tasty 'shrooms, black pepper and herbs.

Module - Beet burgers
Beet burgers

Burgers made from sweet beetroot, lentils, chickpeas and carrots.

Module - Meatballs

Tender and tasty soya meatballs with garlic and parsley.

Module - Spicy bean burgers
Spicy bean burgers

Spicy bean burgers in a crunchy tortilla and parsley crumb.

Module - Vegan sticky toffee pudding
Vegan sticky toffee pudding

A two pack of vegan sensationally sticky toffee pudding with a thick toffee sauce.

Module - GRO BBQ Chick n’ Pizza
GRO BBQ Chick n’ Pizza

A glorious Vegan alternative to a pizza party fave! 

Why not try one of our Vegan recipes? Or maybe you’re interested in having a read of our vegan inspired blog, where we explore the plant-based diet.