Milk dispenser FAQs

As an ethical retailer, we have always worked hard to lead the way in environmental and sustainable initiatives. 

We are proud to introduce our new Jersey Dairy milk vending machines at Grand Marché St Helier and St Peter.

The machine offers customers fresh Jersey Dairy 2.5% fat milk (which usually comes in the ‘green’ carton) that can be dispensed into reusable glass bottles.

The glass bottles can be picked up at the milk vending machine and purchased in store. Once you have purchased a glass milk bottle you can refill it with milk, paying for just the milk at the checkout.

This has been introduced  to help reduce Jersey’s single-use packaging consumption and our impact on the environment.


Plus, why not try our new Jersey Dairy milk dispensers whilst on the introductory price of 99p?* 


If you have any feedback or questions, please email

Where can I find the milk dispensers? 

We have introduced three machines. You can find two milk dispensers at Grand Marché St Helier and one at Grand Marché St Peter.
We want to make sure the machines are in the best location for you, our customers, and believe our St Helier and St Peter stores are the best place.

How much does the milk cost? 

The milk costs £1.10 per litre. The milk is on a special promo price of 99p per litre for launch. The machine only accepts 1 litre bottles so you will not be able to purchase any less milk in one go.

The reusable glass bottles cost £2.50 each and once you have purchased one you can reuse it at the machine to collect your milk, provided it is sterilised regularly.  

Can I use my own glass bottle? 

If you have a clean, glass bottle which is 1 litre in size then you can use this to purchase milk from the machine.
Please let our staff know it is your own glass bottle. Bottles any smaller, or larger than 1 litre will not work in the machine. You can also use 1 litre plastic bottles as long as they are sterilised.

Will milk still be sold in cartons in your other stores?

 Jersey Dairy milk is still available in the usual cartons as well as the machine. 

Are you getting rid of the green Jersey Milk cartons from your stores?

We appreciate that some of our customers will prefer to still purchase cartons of milk, therefore we will continue as before to stock cartons of all varieties of Jersey milk.

We have introduced these milk dispensers to offer our customers an alternative and more sustainable way to shop. 

Does the milk cost the same from the machine as it does in traditional packaging?

The milk costs £1.10 per litre, which is lower than the price per carton. The milk is on a special promo price of 99p per litre for launch until 1 June 2021.
Our milk dispensers only accept 1 litre bottles so you will not be able to purchase any less milk in one go.

Why is the price different?

We’re offering our customers a lower price per litre to make it easier for you to make sustainable swaps. This does not affect the price paid to the farmers.

How long can the milk be kept for? 

Provided a clean glass bottle has been used, and the milk kept chilled below 4oC once dispensed from the machine, it can be kept for up to four days.

The milk inside the machine is kept chilled between 0oC- 4oC within a sterile churn which is continuously being stirred.

The churns are replaced on a regular basis with fresh milk and will always have sufficient shelf life to ensure the customer has four days to consume it. No use-by date label is issued on the day the milk is purchased, and so the onus is on the customer to remember the date it was purchased and know when they need to use it by. 

How often will the machine be cleaned?  

The machines will be cleaned as per the manufacturer’s instructions on a regular basis using dairy industry standard chemicals to ensure high standards of hygiene.
The majority of the cleaning is completed at Jersey Dairy, where the milk is decanted into a sterilised churn and transported under chilled conditions to stores. 

How many bottles of milk can I buy at any one time?  

You can buy or fill as many reusable glass bottles as you wish. Just tell our colleagues on the checkout how many bottles you have, as well as how many litres of milk. 

How do I wash my glass bottle?  

Sterilising your bottle before refilling it is an important step to prevent bacteria growing within the jar. Bacteria will rapidly reduce the shelf life of your milk and could be dangerous to those consuming it. 

You can sterilise the bottle by placing it in your dishwasher on the highest setting, leaving it to cool slightly before removing. Alternatively, you can sterilise your bottle in the oven. Firstly, thoroughly with warm water and washing up liquid and rinse clean. Place a sheet of baking paper on one of the shelves of your oven (not at the bottom of the oven) and place the jars on the shelf - making sure they’re not touching each other. Heat your oven to 140oC/210oF/Gas Mark 1 and dry out the jars for around 15-20 minutes. Leave to cool before removing them from the oven. 

To sterilise the lids leave them in a sink of boiling hot water and allow to cool, then dry.



*T&Cs apply. Promo offer of 99p only available on 1L Jersey Dairy 2.5% milk from milk dispensers at Grand Marché St Helier and Grand Marché St Peter.
Offer available for a limited time only.