Changes to double dividend

Bonus Dividend

We have always given back to our members and are proud to have offered a bonus dividend scheme on a Tuesday and Wednesday for decades, but we needed to change to protect the health of both our colleagues and members during the coronavirus pandemic.

To try and limit the spread of coronavirus we stopped issuing bonus dividend as stamps, and to reduce our peak shopping times on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we changed the paying of 4% on those two days to 1% seven days a week.


Viewing your bonus dividend

The 1% will be added to your bonus dividend pot the next working day after you shopped with us and you can keep track of how much bonus dividend you’re earning by viewing your account on our member portal 

Accessing the money you’ve earned


You can visit any of our member service counters and request the bonus dividend be transferred to your share account where it will earn you interest, or you can take it out as cash. Click here to view our locations.


For more information about what changes have been made to your Society during this period, read our FAQs