Coronavirus FAQs

We know a number of questions are being raised in response to the Covid-19 outbreak so we have put together a list of FAQs to help answer some of your concerns.

As a community retailer we are committed to providing a service for our islanders and will continue operating stores and delivering essential emergency food and products to those most in need. 

Please read the essential emergency deliveries FAQs for the answers to any questions you may have surrounding that service. 

If you have any further questions we have not answered below, then please email us at marketing@channelislands.coop


What measures are you putting in place for social distancing?

Following advice from the Government of Guernsey, we no longer have social distancing measures in our stores. We ask our customers to respect each other’s personal space and be wary of getting too close.

Are you now letting more than one family member shop at one time?

In line with the States of Guernsey's new guidelines, we are now letting couples and families shop together in our stores. Please remain mindful of other customers and keep a safe distance away. We will still be managing queues outside our stores and restricting customers, so the stores do not get overcrowded.

Will you provide hand sanitiser for customers to use?

All our stores have hand sanitiser at the entrance and customers are advised to use this when they enter our store. Please ask a colleague if you cannot find it. 

Will you be opening the store during dedicated times for the elderly and vulnerable?

Following advice from the government in both Jersey and Guernsey, they have both advised that those who are 65 years and older or have underlying health issues should stay at home, avoid public transport, work from home and keep a distance of one metre from any person who isn’t in their household. In line with this advice we will not be opening our stores to those islanders at risk of catching coronavirus during certain times. We are supporting those islanders self-isolating, or in need, with no other friends or family who can buy food for them with essential emergency deliveries.

What are you doing to support those islanders with autism? 

Our Quiet Hour has now started again in Grand Marché St Martin and Grand Marché St Sampson. This was put on hold during the pandemic but we are pleased that our two larger stores are now able to accommodate this again.

Every Monday, between the hours of 3pm and 4pm, these stores will:

  • turn off music
  • make no tannoy announcements
  • provide an autism-friendly checkout (the bleeps of machines will be set to the lowest volume)
  • have colleagues available who have undergone autism awareness training

Should there be any queues when you visit one of the stores, anyone wearing a sunflower lanyard, which can be collected from Autism Guernsey, can show our colleagues at the front of our stores and they will be fast tracked inside. Our colleagues will also be made aware of their needs and help make their shop as stress-free as possible.

Will in-store tastings still be taking place?

No. We have postponed all our in-store tastings until further notice. Our deli counters will no longer be offering tastings on their counters and we have removed our free fruit for kids.

Are you still rationing some items to three per person? 

There are no restrictions in our stores. 

What is the limit on contactless card payments?

The spending limit for contactless card payments has been increased to £45 in all our stores. We hope this will make shopping not only easier and quicker for our customers, but much safer too.

We ask all our customers to pay via contactless card wherever possible.

Are you planning for store closures?

As with any business with a large workforce we have a plan in place to deal with store closures. As schools close and more islanders have to self-isolate we will monitor our workforce across all stores and plan to close our smaller stores first. We will make it our priority to make sure there is a supermarket open in all main areas across the islands. We will advise our customers of any store closures with plenty of notice.

What measures are you taking to make sure colleagues are self-isolating?

All colleagues who have visited affected destinations are self-isolating at home and we are advising no colleagues who have any symptoms to come into work. As all businesses, we are taking this very seriously and have plans in place to make sure no colleagues who are feeling unwell are coming into work.

Why have you cancelled double dividend days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues we are having to take a number of measures to prevent it from spreading in our stores. So we have made the difficult decision to stop double dividend days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until further notice to protect the health of both our colleagues and members.

Following government advice in both islands, we feel we should not be handing out stamps and encouraging our members to attach them to cards. We also do not want to encourage our members specifically in to our stores on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as this puts added pressure on our colleagues when our stores are already very busy.

But we will continue to give back to our members by offering an extra 1% bonus dividend on qualifying purchases, every day of the week.

You can view your bonus dividend pot on our Members Portal where your bonus dividend will be credited the day after you’ve shopped with us.

You can transfer the balance of your bonus dividend pot to your share account where it will earn interest by visiting any of our society post office counters, or you can withdraw it as cash.

A polite reminder regarding our in store colleagues.

Unfortunately, heightened situations can cause intensified reactions. We take the mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues very seriously, therefore we would appreciate all customers and members to treat our colleagues fairly and with respect. Our colleagues have your best interests at heart and are working incredibly hard to ensure they still provide the best service they can offer at this incredibly difficult time. We appreciate your frustrations when you are unable to purchase the product you need or want, but this is not due to any fault of our colleagues. We ask that you have patience at this time and understand our colleagues are doing all they can for you, our customers and members.

Will in-store tastings still be taking place?

We have decided we are able to start in-store tastings for external parties again from September. We are currently not in a position to offer internal tastings of our own Co-op own brand products. If you would like to do a tasting in our store with your product, which we must stock, please email marketing@channelislands.coop. 

For the time being, our deli counters will still not be offering tastings on their counters and we have removed our free fruit for kids.