Home Delivery Terms & Conditions

Sales & Home Delivery Terms & Conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions form a contract between you and the Channel Islands’ Co-operative Society Limited in respect of the delivery of goods by us to the address that you have designated.   We strongly recommend that you read these Terms and Conditions carefully.   Any concerns that you may have about these Terms and Conditions should be raised with us before we deliver the goods to you.


2. Our aim is to deliver your purchase within five working days of your order subject to the product being in stock, this is dependent upon seasonal trading conditions. The delivery time on special orders (product that is not in stock) will vary depending on the supplier.   An estimated delivery time will be advised at the time of purchase. Please note all special orders require payment in full, this payment is non-refundable.

3. Every attempt will be made to meet the estimated delivery time quoted at the time of the special order but we cannot be held responsible for any delay arising from the manufacturer's own delivery schedules or transportation delays, which may be subject to variation beyond our control.

4. Free delivery includes taking the goods to a room of choice, provided there is clear access. Please notify our Delivery Agents of any damage to property or to the goods that you believe was caused by our Delivery Agent and advise us of that damage in writing or by email with photographic evidence within 48 hours of delivery.  We will not consider any claims made outside this period.

5. It is your responsibility to ensure that delivery can be made to the address that you specify. You should ensure that there is appropriate access to the delivery address, and such access must allow for a van to reach the delivery address. You should also review the measurements of the goods you order to ensure that they can be delivered into the delivery address and that there is adequate room for the goods at the delivery address. It is particularly important that you check the goods can fit through doors and up any staircases. At the time of delivery, our Delivery Team will be entitled to decide, at their sole discretion, whether, due to the weight of the goods it is safe to deliver to a room that would require the goods to be carried up any staircase. You agree to give us advance warning of any particular features or problems with the delivery address or access to it that may affect delivery of the goods you order.

6. We request that an adult be present at the delivery address on the delivery date to accept delivery of the goods you order. By agreeing to the delivery you are authorising us to accept the signature of the adult present at the delivery address. If delivery cannot be made because the access to the delivery address is unsuitable you agree to pay the re-delivery fee of £29.99. If we have to re-deliver the goods we shall contact you to arrange a new delivery date.

7. Our delivery service also includes the unpacking of product and removal of packaging from your home. No other materials from the delivery address will be removed, unless paid for as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. The delivery team will not unpack mattresses unless specifically asked to do so as mattress fabric can become dirty very easily.

8. You are responsible for checking the condition of the goods delivered and must highlight any issues to the Delivery Team when the goods are delivered and note them on the ‘Delivery Acceptance Form’.

9. If our Delivery Team consider that delivery of any goods ordered into the room of your choosing would be likely to cause damage to the goods or the property at the delivery address, they will inform you of such concern. You may advise the delivery team to continue with the delivery but neither they, nor we, shall be liable for any damage caused to the goods or property at the delivery address as a consequence of following your instructions.

10. Our deliveries are scheduled for the morning or afternoon and confirmation will be given to you at time of purchase. Our delivery team will endeavour to call at least 30 minutes before arriving at your address.

11. If the item you have purchased does not include free delivery then a charge of £49.99 will apply.

12. Jersey collections can be from the Grand Marché store where the transaction took place, please check the trading hours of each individual location.

Accepting Delivery

13. Once your purchase/order has been made and we have made contact to arrange the delivery of your purchase, you have 28 days to accept the delivery. We are unable to hold your goods in our warehouse for longer than 28 days after which time the goods will be removed and any monies paid to us will be forfeited to pay for the disposal of the goods.

Laundry Appliances and Dishwashers

14. Delivery of laundry appliances and dishwashers is FREE. The delivery service includes, if requested, unpacking and sitting your product with packaging removed. If requested, we will install the appliance at a charge of £4.99. Our installation includes the connecting of the water inlet hoses, attaching the waste supply, plug in and a test cycle. Hose joints will be checked for leaks after the cycle run.

15. If you would like us to take your old appliance away there is a charge of £12.99 per item for removal. Please note laundry appliances and dishwashers can only be removed if disconnected and free of excess water.

Liability: Electrical and Plumbing Connections

16. You are responsible for monitoring the equipment once we have completed installation.  We strongly recommend that you pay particular attention to the plumbing connections and check for water leaks at regular intervals.  

17. You agree to notify us immediately should any leak be discovered within 24 hours of installation.

18. We shall not be liable for any leaks occurring after a period of  24 hours has elapsed since the time of installation except where the leaks are due to a fault in the equipment supplied by us.  We strongly recommend you turn off the water at both the main stop-cock and at the water feed to the appliance if the property is to be unoccupied for any length of time.

19. You are responsible for the maintenance of the plumbing within the premises and we shall not be liable for any failure of the plumbing.   We recommend that you have the relevant parts of your plumbing system checked prior to installing new equipment because the installation process may disturb any worn seals or joints causing a leak.

20. If you ask us to install with existing pipes the seal may be worn. New machines come with a 1M water pipe; we shall not be liable if you ask us to connect to an existing pipe. We will connect the water inlet hoses to existing plumbing only and will remove any transit brackets from the machine. We will not connect to water/waste extension hoses.

21. We are not liable for anything that is left in the old machine once it has been collected.

22. We are not liable for surges in power to appliances or any other related electrical problems.

23. We are not liable for any damage howsoever arising if the appliance has been moved after the connection has taken place.

Fridges, Freezers and Fridge/Freezers

24. Delivery of fridges, freezers and fridge/freezers is FREE. The delivery service includes, if requested, unpacking and sitting your goods with packaging removed.

In Jersey, if you would like us to dispose your old refrigeration appliance there is a charge of £12.99 for removal. 

25. Refrigeration appliances will only be removed if disconnected, defrosted and free of excess water.

26. We do not offer a connection service for refrigeration appliances. Please note these appliances need to be left for a number of hours before the power is turned on and we recommend that you read the instructions provided by the manufacturer for detailed advice on installation.

American Fridge/Freezers

27. Delivery of American-style fridge/freezers is £49.99.   When purchasing your American-style fridge/freezers please ensure that you have measured the relevant doorways in your home to make sure that the product will fit through when delivered. Unfortunately, if we are unable to complete the delivery results due to this reason, a charge of £29.99 will be applied.   If delivery can be made but only by removing the doors on the American-style fridge/freezer, a charge of £35 will be applied.

If you would like us to dispose of your old American fridge/freezer there is a charge of £29.99.

Cookers/Range Cookers

28. Delivery of cookers/range Cookers is £49.99.  The delivery service includes, if requested, unpacking and sitting your product with packaging removed, this does not include connection to a power source.

If you would like us to take your old cooker away there is a charge of £12.99/Range Cookers £29.99 for removal. Please note cookers can only be removed if disconnected and externally cleaned. A charge of £20 is applied to install a cooker (£40 for range cookers) as we need to engage an appropriately qualified electrician to undertake this work.

Built in Appliances

29.  We will only special order built in ovens and hobs, we do not install built in appliances and will only drop off into the specified room.

Vision and Audio (TV’s, Radio’s)

30. Our FREE delivery applies to televisions with a screen size greater than 32”. We offer a basic installation at a charge of £4.99, where we will attach any manufacturer provided TV support, plug in the TV, tune it and connect to the satellite receiver only. We will connect the TV to a WI-FI network (please note we will connect your TV to the WI-FI and start the update process only). TV installation is for free standing TV’s only, we will not attach wall brackets and mount your TV onto the wall. If you would like us to take your old television away there is a charge of £12.99 for removal. Please note televisions can only be removed if unplugged and disconnected. Televisions with a screen size under 32” will be delivered for a charge of £29.99.

Damaged on Delivery – Major Kitchen appliances

31. Very rarely do we deliver damaged goods; however, due to the nature of large kitchen appliances sometimes appliances contained within the packaging do get damaged in transit. Please ensure you inspect your product while the delivery driver is in your home so that action can be taken to rectify the problem. If you are not ready to install your product at the time of delivery we strongly recommend that your product is unpacked, inspected then re-packed.   Please note you must inform us of any damage within 48 hours of delivery, any claim for damage reported after this time will not be accepted.


32. We are not responsible for the work of any contractor engaged by you to install any goods supplied by us.   Any issues relating to such installation should be addressed to your contractor.

Cancellations, refunds and substitutions

33. If you place an order for an item and then change your mind we will endeavour to cancel the order with the supplier. If the order cannot be cancelled with the supplier, then the order will remain active and no refund will be issued. if the date of arrival of your order exceeds the initial estimate by more than 28 days then you have the right to cancel your order and obtain a full refund. It is your responsibility to ensure that any specific measurements relating to your order are checked before you place your order, as once your goods have been ordered with the manufacturer we may not be able to cancel the order.

34. Should you change your mind and no longer require the goods, we shall be pleased to take back the goods for a full refund provided the conditions set out in this Clause are met. The goods must be unused with all seals intact, with their original packaging and in the condition you received them. Please note, once you unpack the item you accept it and we are not liable to offer a refund unless the goods are faulty. You have a legal obligation to take reasonable care of the goods while they are in your possession. If you fail to comply with this obligation, we may have a right of action against you for compensation.

35. If a product that you purchase is faulty, please contact the Homeware dept. who will arrange to have the product repaired free of charge or replaced as appropriate. In order to do this we may arrange for such repairs to be carried out at the delivery address or, at our discretion, we shall arrange for the product to be collected and taken away for repair. It may be necessary for our representatives to visit the delivery address to decide whether the product is faulty and, if so, is capable of repair. If it is not possible to repair the product, or agree with you a reasonable part refund to keep the goods in their current condition, we will arrange for a replacement product to be delivered to you, free of charge, and shall take away the faulty product. If it is not possible to repair or replace the faulty product we shall refund the money paid in specie. We shall process such payment as soon as possible and, in any event; within 5 working days of the day we receive the faulty product back from you.

36. To make a claim, you will be required to produce proof that the purchase was from us.  We suggest that you keep the till receipt and./or the sales order acknowledgement.

37. Occasionally, specifications of goods from our manufacturers may change, in which case we shall try and deliver to you a product of similar or better quality at the same price. If you are unhappy with the replacement you may return it and a full refund will apply.

Complaints procedure

38. If you have a complaint about the service or product you have received then please write to: Customer Relations, Co-operative House, 57 Don Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4TR or email customer.relations@channelislands.coop.


39. Your contract for the purchase of the goods is with us and we are obliged to ensure that the goods are fit for purpose and in a saleable condition.  For consumer durable goods we shall provide a repair or replacement service for faulty goods for a period of one calendar year from the date of purchase provided that the goods have been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and have not been misused or accidentally damaged.   Some goods we sell have a manufacturer’s warranty that may be for a greater period than the Society’s warranty.   Should a fault occur within the Manufacturer’s warranty period, you should contact the Manufacturer directly.

The removal or replacement of an electrical plug to any appliance supplied by The Channel Islands Co-operative Society could invalidate the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

40. For the avoidance of doubt, where goods have been replaced under warranty, the warranty period runs from the date of purchase of the original goods and not the date of replacement.   For example, if an item develops a fault after 6 months and is replaced, the replacement goods will have a warranty period of 6 months.

Computers carry a hardware warranty only and this does not include any problems relating to software. In the event of a problem you will need to contact the manufacturer for support, if the computer is deemed to have a hardware fault the manufacturer will advise you of their repair process.

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society is not responsible for any lost data and we recommend that all important data is backed up on an external device.

“Sold as Seen”

41. We sometimes sell ex-display/demonstrator goods on a “sold as seen” basis.   This does not affect your statutory rights in so far as the goods must still be fit for purpose.   However, these goods may have slight damage that does not affect operation and such damage will be visible on inspection.   By purchasing goods from us on a “sold as seen” basis” you are accepting the goods with this damage. 

July 2017