Celebrating 100 Years

Celebrating 100 Years

We’ve been making a real difference in the Channel Islands for 100 years.

2019 marks our 100th year operating in the Channel Islands. Our first store opened in Jersey in 1919 and in Guernsey in 1947. Since then the Society has grown into the familiar organisation our members and customers know today.

To us, belonging is everything, and we’re proud that we’ve been making a real difference to our island communities for over 100 years.

Competition time!

To celebrate our 100th birthday we offered two lucky people the chance to win £100 in Co-operative vouchers every fortnight until the 30th August!

Less was the correct answer to our fifth and final 100th birthday competition question - does the Co-op 99 Tea cost more or less than the Co-op Orange Drink?

The tea cost 11 ½ p and the orange drink cost 14p!

Congratulations to Danneka Ramage from Jersey and Anna Brehaut in Guernsey for winning £100 in Co-operative vouchers!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our 100yr summer competition!

Keep up to date will all of our 100th birthday celebrations on this page.

In the meantime, step back in time and see how far we’ve come together…