Meet Your Neighbour

Meet Your Neighbour

‘Meet Your Neighbour’ provides a simple way to get to know your neighbours.

Many islanders can feel a sense of loneliness and isolation at this time of year, and our Meet Your Neighbour campaign aims to help overcome this.

The idea is simple: pick up a form, fill out your details and post it to your neighbours to let them know how you can help them. Your neighbours can then return the other half of the form to you with their details.

This simple process will provide a way for us to get to know those who live around us. It will help break down the barriers of silence, and if needed, enable us to offer assistance to our neighbours, who may be more vulnerable than ourselves.

Issues like loneliness, homelessness, poverty and unemployment can impact any one of us at any given time. We’ve launched this campaign following numerous, heart-rending stories on these topics reported by the Jersey Evening Post recently.

We have a large presence in the Channel Islands, and we care deeply about our island community. We want to help our members, customers, and their families feel a sense of belonging in their communities, so we’re working with Jersey Post, Andium Homes and Parish Halls to make these forms available island-wide.

You can get involved by picking up a form in one of our stores (they are available in all food and non-food stores), or by downloading a form now.

Download a form

We’d love to hear how you get on with meeting your neighbours – you can share your stories with us on our social media channels: Facebook; @cicoop, Instagram; @cicoop, Twitter; @ci_coop.  

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