Winter Warmers 2018

Winter Warmers 2018

With the evenings beginning to get darker and the temperature slowly dropping, it all means one thing; Winter’s on its way.

But there’s no need to let the cold season get you down. Here at your Co-op, we’re prepared for the chilly months with inspiration and tips to make sure that you don’t get caught out in the cold this winter.

Here you’ll find a range of ideas and products that will help keep you feeling warm and cosy when it’s cold outside!

Find out about our winter warmer products including duvets, heated mattress protectors and a selection of home heating appliances.

Create wholesome, warming meals inspired by our recipes, or get yourself stocked up and ready to fight colds and flu with pharmacy Winter Essentials and help and advice from your Co-operative Pharmacy and Medical care.

So embrace the cold season and get cosy with your Co-operative, because we’ve got you wrapped up!

Module - Winter Warmer Products
Winter Warmer Products

Don’t despair, our Winter Warmer range has you covered for the big chill! We'll make sure that you’re not left out in the cold.

Check out our products >

Module - Winter Essentials
Winter Essentials

It's the dreaded cold and flu season! 

Get stocked up on the products you need to help win the fight against the flu.

Find out about our Winter Pharmacy Essentials >


Module - Flu Vaccines
Flu Vaccines

Have you had the Flu Vaccine yet?

Our convenient flu vaccination service needs no appointment and is available in all your Pharmacy Locale stores for just £13 (or less for eligible patients).

Keep the winter blues away >

Warming recipes


Winter’s officially here and we just love all the tasty and heart-warming meals that come with the season! Check out our Winter Warmer recipes inspired by our range of slow cookers and soup makers now available.

Don’t forget, all these ingredients can be found at your Co-operative Grand Marché, Locale and En Route stores.

Got the perfect recipe for a winter warmer? Share with us on social media. Facebook: @cicoop, Twitter: @ci_coop, Instagram: @cicoop

Hooray for Hygge!


Inspired by the Scandinavian philosophy of life, Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is essentially a form of mindfulness; about being aware of the present moment and enjoying the feeling of cosiness, comfort and contentment.

So although it is partly about donning your cosy, thick, woollen socks, being enveloped by a wonderfully warm duvet blanket and sipping a hot, comforting drink, the notion of Hygge really is a lot more meaningful.

Hygge is about bringing people together and about appreciating being with the people we care about; our friends and family. It’s about the feeling of wellness and enjoying a warm atmosphere with those who mean the most.

Want a little touch of Hygge in your life with the winter months drawing in?

Here’s our advice on how to Hyyge!

Module - 1. Get a Glow
1. Get a Glow

With the long dark evenings, now’s the time to make your home cosy and welcoming. Head to your Co-operative and stock up on candles - anything to create that soft, comforting glow.

If you can get a few scented ones that help you to relax too then that’s even better! Remember to take care with an open flame.

Module - 2. Wrap up Warm
2. Wrap up Warm

There’s no way of feeling cosy if you’re cold! It’s time to bring out the blankets and duvets and dive in.

At your Grand Marché St Peter, we have a range of various sizes and togs to suit all needs.

All you need to do is unfurl and then curl up!

Module - 3. Tasty Toastiness
3. Tasty Toastiness

Nothing beats the feeling of warm, full, contentment after a hot, homemade and nutritious meal.

Why not prep the slow cooker the night before and then leave it to work its magic while you’re busy doing your day? Then, voila! You'll be welcomed home to a wonderful hot meal ready to enjoy.

Module - 4. Snuggle in front of a crackling fire
4. Snuggle in front of a crackling fire

The ultimate feeling of cosiness comes from nestling in front of a roaring fire and leaving the cold weather outside.

Make sure you’re stocked up now with a range of coal, firelighters and kindling wood – all available from your Co-operative Grand Marchés, Locales and En Routes.

Module - 5. Enjoy the great outdoors
5. Enjoy the great outdoors

Going outside for crisp, refreshing walks with family and friends all lends itself to the hygge lifestyle.

So wrap up warm and head to your nearest beach or favourite coastal footpath.

Make sure you're fighting fit to head outside with your Pharmacy Locale.