Pharmacy coronavirus FAQs

Pharmacy coronavirus FAQs

If I feel unwell am I able to come into the pharmacy for advice?

If you’re sick, think you may have coronavirus or have been advised or told to self-isolate please do not come in to our pharmacies. If you need advice on your symptoms please call the government helpline on 01534 445566.

What measures are you putting in place to keep customers and colleagues safe?

We are following the government’s advice regarding social distancing and have floor stickers and advisory signage in stores. We have perspex screens on all pharmacy counters and gloves and masks are available for all colleagues.

Hand sanitiser is available in all our stores.

New processes are in place for deliveries to minimise any contact between colleagues and customers. There are also additional medicine deliveries for those patients who are suffering with sickness or are in isolation without anyone else to collect for them.

Can I still pick up my prescriptions from in store?


If I can’t collect my prescription can my family or friends collect for me?

Yes. The person collecting will need to know your full name and address, and for certain controlled medicines they may be asked to provide their own ID.

Are you able to deliver my prescription?

We are able to deliver prescriptions in certain circumstances. You need to self-isolate and you have a friend, family member or other volunteer that is able to collect on your behalf this would be welcomed.

If you do not have any alternative options, and you are running low on your medicines then we will make arrangements to deliver to your home address. Please telephone the pharmacy directly to arrange this.

Are you taking extra precautions to keep your stores clean?

Additional daily cleaning of floors and surfaces has been implemented and deep steam cleans when necessary.

What happens if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your store?

We have a process in place to liaise quickly with the relevant government agencies for advice and direction.