Do you know your food labels?

Do you know your food labels?

Use the traffic lights to make healthier choices

The traffic lights are a simple and quick way to understand what is in the food you eat and how to balance your daily diet. Look for products with green, amber or red coloured labels on the front of the pack.

These show you at a glance if the food you're buying has low, medium or high amounts of fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt - helping you get a better balance.


How to use the traffic lights

Red traffic lights show that a product is high in certain nutrients. This doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself, it just means you should keep an eye on how often you eat them. Choosing fewer reds will help you towards a healthier diet.

Amber traffic lights help you balance your diet. Eat items with the amber label occasionally or in small quantities. 

Green traffic lights mean a product is low in a particular nutrient - the more greens, the healthier the product. Don't just eat products with only green traffic lights; you need some ambers and reds for a balanced diet.

Want to know more about food labels? 

Download our handy guide to food labelling for more information about why food labels are important and how to read them.

If you can't find the traffic lights

Print off or screenshot the card below from Food Standards Agency which outlines what's low, medium and high per 100g so you can work out .