In-store Exercising

We know that there’s only so many hours in one day and always so much to do.

It’s hard to stick to Healthy Habits when you’re rushing from work, running errands, picking up the kids, doing the weekly shop – forget finding time to head to the gym!

But a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean slogging away for hours in the gym. It’s about making the little changes to make a big difference.

So, next time you’re heading off to work, why not walk the journey or jog to your nearest bus stop? If the dog needs walking, try heading to the beach for a run or a brisk stroll.

Perhaps you could challenge your friends and family to a ‘Step Challenge’ and see who can tally up the most miles in a month.

Make everyday life into your own workout! 

As our Chief Operations Officer, Mark goes to show, even popping to your local Co-op for a pint of milk and a few essentials can help burn some calories. Take a look at our video below!

Although, wearing sweat bands and spandex is optional!

Huge thanks to Mark for taking up the Healthy Habits Challenge!

Module - Arm curls with tinned food or veg!
Arm curls with tinned food or veg!

You don’t have to head to the weights in the gym to do arm curls. Pick up a couple of tins (opt for a tin with a moderate weight ones rather than the mini tins of baked beans!) and aim to do reps for about 10 minutes to improve your posture while strengthening and toning your arms.

Don’t worry if you can’t do 10 mins straightaway, start at 2 mins and steadily work your way up.

Too easy? Try heavier tins or even packets of flour or sugar!

Module - Side lunges – reach into the chiller cabinet
Side lunges – reach into the chiller cabinet

Side lunges are a great exercise for working your side abdominals, thighs, bum and hamstrings all at the same time. It might not burn a lot of calories but is great for toning those muscles.

Just maybe avoid trying this on a Double Dividend Day, and don’t lose your balance and fall into the chillers!

Try to be gentle with stretching. If you start to feel a lot of pain or discomfort- stop.

Need a challenge? See if you can hold the stretches for a few minutes longer each time.

Module - Squats – bending to the bottom shelf
Squats – bending to the bottom shelf

Instead of just bending over to reach the lower shelved items in your local Co-operative, try sitting back into a squat for 10 minutes.

Make sure that you keep your back straight to help maintain good posture.

Want more of a workout? See how long you can stay at the lower shelves for in the squat position. 

Module - Calf raises – reaching up to the top shelf
Calf raises – reaching up to the top shelf

Try reaching for items on the top shelves. This helps to strengthen the muscles in the backs of your legs and shoulders.

Please don’t be offended if one of our helpful colleagues asks if you need help reaching an item!

Try breathing out as you stretch - Just like your own form of Locale Yoga!

Too easy? Rise up on to your tip toes to feel the stretch in the back of your legs.

Module -
Lunge – push the trolley

It might feel a chore to push around a heavy trolley – especially if you get the trolley with the wonky wheels! But the calories you can burn in a short shopping trip could be as much as a session at a gym.

With a full-ish trolley, tone your legs, thighs and quadriceps, by performing lunges while walking around the supermarket.

Your shopping trolley full of groceries (or your child in the trolley seat!) acts as a resistance when you lean against it and helps burn more calories.

And if it makes shopping trips seem more fun for you and your kids – all the better!

Want to switch it up?  Vary your lunges with regular steps to get a good, all-round workout for your legs and quads.