Banana breakfast sandwiches

Banana breakfast sandwiches
Co-op bananas are all Fairtrade. Here, they’re caramelised and made into an indulgent toastie with dark chocolate.
Serves 4  / 
Prep 20 mins  / 
Cook 5 mins


1. 75g Fairtrade caster sugar
2. 5 small bananas, cut into 1cm slices
3. ½ tsp ground cinnamon or grated nutmeg (optional)
4. 75g Co-op cashew nuts, roughly chopped and toasted
5. 75g Co-op Fairtrade 80% cocoa dark cooking chocolate, roughly chopped
6. 8 slices bread (we used a Co-op farmhouse white loaf)
7. 3 tbsp Co-op vegetable oil


1. Put the caster sugar in a nonstick frying pan with 1 tbsp cold water
2. Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, then increase the heat until it bubbles and turns amber
3. Carefully add the bananas and spices, if using, and cook over a high heat for 1-2 mins, tossing to coat all over. Leave to cool for 5 mins
4. Divide the bananas, nuts and chocolate between 4 bread slices
5. Top with the other slices, then brush the tops with half the oil
6. In a large, dry nonstick frying pan, cook the sandwiches oil-side down for 1-2 mins until golden
7. Brush the tops with the remaining oil, flip, then cook for 1-2 mins
8. Halve the toasties to serve