Unbeelievables FAQ

Unbeelievables FAQ

We know you may have a number of questions about our UnBEElievables campaign, so we hive put together a list of FAQs to help you.

If you have any further questions we have not answered bee-low, then drop us a message on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

When does the UnBEElievables sticker collect campaign start?

The campaign starts on 31 May 2021.

When does the UnBEElievables sticker collect campaign end?

The last day to redeem your stickers is 22 August 2021.

How long do I have to collect stickers?

The last day of sticker issuance is 8 August 2021. 

What UnBEElieveables toys are there to collect?

- BeeBeez: The Super-Diligent One

- Queeny Bee: The Super-Mum

- Bumbuleez: The Super-Strong One

- Beep: The Super-Sniffer

- Rubee: The Super-Flyer

- Swarmzee: The Super-Cool one

To find out more about the UnBEElieveable toys, visit our ‘Meet the bees’ webpage.

How do I collect stickers? 

1. You will receive one sticker for every £10 you spend in store.

2. These will be handed to you by the cashier with your receipt at the end of your payment transaction.

3. Simply affix the stickers in the savercard.

4. You can pick up a savercard in store from the display stand or at the checkout.

How many stickers do I need to collect to redeem an UnBEElievables toy?

You will need to have collected 30 stickers on your savercard.

How do I redeem my stickers for a toy?

1. Once you have collected 30 stickers in your savercard.

2. Go to your local Co-op store and choose your UnBEElievables toy from the display and take it with your shopping to the checkout.

3. The cashier will scan the toy along with all your shopping. The toy will scan at the retail price of £9.99.

4. Hand your completed savercard to the cashier and they will then reduce the toy value to FREE.

5. The cashier will then hand any additional stickers you have earned from the transaction to you with your receipt.

Will I receive stickers if I shop online?

If you use our online grocery site you will receive the amount of stickers for the original value of your order. 

If items in the order cannot be picked, you will not get charged, and the value of the order is reduced. But, you will receive stickers for the original order value. 

Stickers will be inserted into your delivery for you. 

Can I buy the toy?

Yes, you can, the retail price is £9.99

What do I do if the store doesn’t have the bee I want?

1. Check with a member of staff as there may be stock that has arrived and has not yet been added to the display.

2. If the bee you want is not available, please come back as there will be regular deliveries.

3. If you still have trouble finding the bee you want, please call the customer service team for support.


Transactions exclude post office services, cashback and fuel. Subject to availability, while stocks last. Redemption of savercards which are altered, amended, defaced, photocopied, damaged or do not bear the appropriate stickers will be refused.