Travel phrases you need to know

Travel phrases you need to know

The coronavirus pandemic is still restricting all our travel plans, but we think this gives us the opportunity to think where we would like our next adventure to be. To fully prepare yourself for your next adventure, why not take the time to learn some new phrases from a different language?

Your local Travelmaker team believe there is nothing better than immersing yourself in the local culture and hanging out with the locals when on holiday. This is how you get a real experience when travelling the globe. And nothing beats being able to sit under a sunset, with a beautiful view, and exchanging a few words in the country’s native tongue.

So take a look at the travel phrases below, pretend you’re somewhere far away and let us know how you got on by sharing your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Travel Phrases from Portugal:

The most common language spoken in Madeira is Portuguese.

Hello: Olá

Goodbye: Adeus

See you soon: Até breve

Thank you: Obrigado (masculine) /Obrigada (feminine)

Do you speak English?: Fala inglês?

How are you?: Tudo bem?

How much does this cost?: Quanto custa?

Where is the closest restaurant?: Onde é o restaurante mais próximo?

Excuse me: Com licença

Can I have a beer please?: Gostaria de uma cerveja, por favor

How do I get to… ______ ? Como chego ao (à)

Where is the bathroom?: Onde fica a casa de banho?

Can I have the bill please?: Posso ter a conta, por favor?

Let’s go!- Vamos! 

Travel phrases from Italy:

Hello: Ciao


Bye: Addio


Thank you: Grazie


Do you speak English?: Lei parla inglese?

(Lay parlour ing-lay-zay)

How are you?: Come va?


What's the price?: Qual è il prezzo?

(Qual e-l presso)

Where is the closest restaurant?: Dov'è il ristorante più vicino?

(dov-ay restuar-antay pu-vinchino)

Excuse me: Mi scusi

(Me skuzi)

Can I have a beer please?: Posso avere birra per favore?

(Poso ave-reh beera per-favvoreh)

Where is the .....?: Dov'è il _______?

(Dovah-el _______?)

Where is the bathroom?: Dov'è il bagno?

(Dovah-el ban-yo)

Can I have the bill please?: Posso avere il conto per favore?

(Posoh ver-eh el-coonto per favvoreh)

Travel phrases from Spain:

The most common language spoken in Spain is Spanish.

Pronunciations shown below each word.

Hello: Hola


Bye: Adios


Thank you: Gracias


Do you speak English?: ¿Habla usted Inglés? 

(Hab-la us-ted ing-les)

How are you?: ¿Cómo estás? 

(Como es-tas)

What's the price?: ¿Cual es el precio?

(co-el es pres-io)

Where is the closest restaurant?: ¿Dónde está el restaurante más cercano? 

(Don-day ea-ta el restaurant-ay mass cer-cano)

Excuse me: Perdóneme

(Perd-on em-eh)

Can I have a beer please?: ¿Puedo tomar cerveza por favor? 

(un-ah sir-vezah por fav-or)

Where is the .....?: Dónde está el _____? 

(don-dah es-tah el ___)

Where is the bathroom?: ¿Dónde está el baño?

(don-dah es-tah el ban-yo)

Can I have the bill please?: ¿Me puede dar la cuenta por favor? 

(Meh puer-dah la coo-enta por fav-or)

Travel phrases from India:

The most common language spoken in India is Hindi.

Pronunciations shown below each word.

Hello: Namaste 


Goodbye: Alavida


Thank you: Shukriya


Do you speak English?: kyā āp aṅgrēzī bolte haiṅ?

(Kya aap ang-ray-zee bol-tay-hay)

How are you?: Aap kaisey ho

(Ap case-ay-ho) 

What’s the price?: Yah kitne hai?

(Yah kit-nay hay)

Where is the closest restaurant?: sabase nazadeekee restaraan kahaan hai

(sab-say naz-deek rester-rant kah-ha hay)

Excuse me: Maaf keejiye

(Maaf key-jay)

Can I have a beer please?: krpaya mujhe ek beeyar mil sakatee hai?

(Keh-pryah mudge-hay bee-yar mill sack-tay hay)

Where is the …..?: ______ kahaan hai? 

(________ kah-ha hay) 

Where is the bathroom?: baatharoom kahaan hai? 

(bathroom kah-ha hay)

Can I have the bill please?: krpaya kya main rasheed le sakata hoon? 

(Keh-pryah keeya meh receipt leh sack-ta hoo)

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