Classic Farm

Classic Farm are the only independent dairy in Jersey and from our own herds of Jersey Cows produce milk, butter, creams, cheeses and ice cream. We also produce beef and pork on the farm, and stock a wide range of local healthy natural produce - All available in our Classic Farm Shop

From their herd of 60 milking Jerseys we produce milk, creams, yoghurt, cheeses and ice-cream. Their milk is pasteurised but not homogenised which means it is made safe but does not have the pressure treatment of homogenisation which breaks up visible fat to give the milk a uniform appearance. This is why their milk may sometimes have visible fat on the surface but is still a healthier product. Homogenised milk contains the same fat but it is broken up into smaller pieces that are not visible within the milk.

Butchers Ben Le Main and Colin Falle prepare the beef and pork from their own livestock. The beef herd is an Aberdeen Angus cross – the Aberdeen adds body and taste and produces very impressive beef. The pork is from their own pig herd, the largest in Jersey, of around 30 breeding sows, naturally farmed and GM free.

To accompany local and farm produce they also have a great range of interesting and healthy speciality foods for the keen cook. They specialise in products that are GM free, Organic, and where possible Gluten free.

Other products include a very popular selection of flours and yeasts from Wessex Mills, including gluten free flour.