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Reasons to join us at our Annual Meeting of Members this year

22 April 2021


You’ve been a member of the Society for years, visit our stores every week and know your share number off by heart.

Or, you’re brand new to the Co-op, have just signed up for a share number because it seems like a responsible thing to do for your financial future.

Now you’re receiving notices and emails about attending a meeting of members? If you’re quick to swipe away the notifications, hold it for a few moments and let us share with you just a few reasons why you might reconsider accepting your invite to our upcoming AMM.

1. You’re more than a member, you’re part of a collective ownership

A Co-operative business, like us, is not like any other institution.

By becoming a member of our Society, you have a vested interest in what we do. Each time you quote those few digits of your share number, you are investing into and building our co-operative model which looks to benefit you, our community and our local suppliers.

In return for being a member and being an active part of our co-operative, you can receive dividend and benefits as your ‘share’ of our co-operative system.

2. You are encouraged to have your say on how we are run

Your voice matters to us. Being a member means you have a right to decide on important matters which are put to a vote at our Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) and Special Meeting of Members (SMM)

You can also have your say on other matters that are important to you. For example, if you think we should be doing more as a business to tackle food poverty or would like to see more bicycle racks or better access to our stores for those with reduced mobility, come please let us know.

Your opinions can really change how we move forward as a business. That is an empowering thought.

3. It’s open to anyone and everyone in the Channel Islands

Our members are people from our community just like you. All eligible members are welcome to attend our member meetings and get involved.

Anyone can become a member. Whether you shop regularly with us or once in a while, whether you’re a proud ‘St Ouennais’ or ‘Hail from the Vale’, we only require three conditions if you want to become a member:

  1. You are a resident in the Channel Islands

  2. You are over sixteen

  3. You have at least one pound to open an account with

That’s all. No strange handshakes or initiation ceremonies. Within a few days, we will send to you details of your new account with us and you can start quoting your share number for any qualifying purchases with us. Simple.


4. You stay up-to-date with happenings at your Society

By being a member, you have the right to know what is happening within your Society. AMM’s provide an insight into financial reports, business updates and overall performance of the business. You have the opportunity to ask questions to key people of our Society including executive management.

It’s also a good opportunity to meet and talk with other members of your Society and see our community sharing the same vision and values.

Now, we think it’s a good time to RSVP to that AMM invite…



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