Sell-by dates

Sometimes the simplest changes have the biggest impact.

It’s why we have made the decision to sell a wide range of own-brand products in our stores which do not have a ‘use by or ‘display until’ dates on its packaging.

It is the move we have made towards being a more environmentally conscious and sustainable organisation.

Previously, our own-brand products like yogurts, dairy or desserts would display ‘use by’ dates. This is now being changed to ‘best before’ labelling which allows our customers and Members to make their own judgement on whether or not to purchase the items. The labels on our packaging will be replaced by a new code to help colleagues guarantee quality and freshness.

Additionally, we’re providing tips and advice on how to best reduce waste, and ultimately, save money too.

Across both Jersey and Guernsey, it has been widely reported that dozens of items of fresh produce, including yogurts and chilled goods, have been going unnecessarily to waste. It is estimated that around a third of all edible food ends up in the landfill – which in turn contributes to around ten per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

But we know we can go further.

Why are we doing this?

As a community retailer, we already work hard to reduce our food waste. Working alongside local organisations and charities such as OLIO, Guernsey Welfare Service and The Grace Trust, we regularly donate food which is near or past sell-by dates to ensure that we are saving it from ending up in the rubbish.

We want to help:

  1. Ensure that we are not throwing away food that is still edible 

  2. Take positive steps to reduce food waste and help our environment

  3. Help islanders understand about the importance of food storage and making food go further 

We know that for some this is quite a new change in shopping behaviour, but that’s why we are here to help de-bust some myths around food sell-by dates.

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For further information, check out our frequently asked questions, read the guide from Love Food Hate Waste on ditching the date labels, and get inspiration for waste-free meals.