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Your Society - a review of 2018
17 May 2019
Once again it is that time of year when new members of the Board of Directors are elected. After a successful Annual Meeting of Members
Belonging is Everything: Rewarding and recognising the Co-operative way
18 April 2019
Each year I look forward to the Society’s Annual Rewards and Recognition Awards event as this for me is the standout event in our corporate calendar.
05 April 2019
It’s unsurprising that Iceland have chosen not to compare their prices with Marks and Spencer, Morrisons or Checkers. Given they are all under the same ownership locally, that would be like siding against your brother.
What Are We Actually Scared Of? By Donna Abel
04 October 2018
A problem shared is often a problem halved, so they say! So, it’s heart-warming to see that we are more openly discussing mental health issues these days
Co-operative Eco Fund - Alderney Wildlife Trust
12 September 2018
We’re not the only ones to call the Channel Islands our home. We share the pleasure of these beautiful islands with a wide array of bird species.
Pride in our People
17 August 2018
I was hugely proud to see that a number of my colleagues really do go that ‘extra mile’ and have been deservedly nominated as finalists
Society Success - A great business is built by great people
18 April 2018
We recently held our Annual Rewards and Recognition Awards evening and this for me is the standout event in our corporate calendar.
The Changing Fascia of Retail
01 March 2018
It wasn’t that long ago that I started out on my career in retail. But, looking back now, the retail landscape has changed beyond recognition in that time.
The Foundations of Community
06 February 2018
Jersey’s society, like many others around the world, has changed. Gone are the days where generations of the same family lived and worked in the parish they always had.
HammerHead and Captain StinkyPants take on the UK
21 December 2017
When I first put pen to paper, I had no idea HammerHead and Captain StinkyPants would be published, let alone go on to help children less fortunate than my own by raising over £10,000 for charities in Jersey and Guernsey. I simply wanted to preserve the memories of the
Future Retailers
21 December 2017
This sea of curiosity greeted me in Jersey’s Royal Court recently. I was asked to present to a group of A Level students about the careers that were available to them on our islands. And, specifically, obviously, retail careers. Dispelling the myth that retail is about shelf filling and
A Walk Down Memory Lane
20 December 2017
Yesterday, I was transported back to the start of my career. It was a huge pleasure to host Robin Walker, now 82
"How do I get your job, sir?"
15 December 2017
Meet Bruno, one my brilliant colleagues. Bruno started on the shop floor two years ago and, with our support is starting to develop his supervisory skills.
The way we walk!
22 November 2017
Unlike many normal businesses, we use our success as a business to pursue our purpose, “to make a real difference to the communities we serve.” And we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk too! So, I am absolutely thrilled that our Society was recently recognised for
The States' spectacular failure on all five basic principles of tax policy
14 November 2017
“Big retailers may have to pay 20% tax.” To the average voter on the street, this sounds like a good thing, right? But who ultimately pays?