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The States' spectacular failure on all five basic principles of tax policy
14 November 2017
“Big retailers may have to pay 20% tax.” To the average voter on the street, this sounds like a good thing, right? But who ultimately pays?
“Basically, it was fantastic!” – Autism Quiet Hour
01 November 2017
Now, imagine how overwhelming the shopping experience in today’s hectic world can be for a person living on the autism spectrum.
Gender: it only matters if you make it matter
14 September 2017
The first female Doctor Who. The BBC shamefully revealing their sexist pay policies.
Reasons to Feel Proud
07 September 2017
One of the greatest things about being part of a successful business at the heart of the community
Happiness Comes in Waves
30 August 2017
I had the great pleasure of being invited to join children from Amherst Primary Summer School for a fun day of surfing with Guernsey Surf School.
A Garden of Memories, Planted with Love
23 August 2017
Earlier this year, we lost one of our colleagues suddenly. Whilst he was at work. Our business is in many ways like a family, united by a common purpose.
En Route to more convenience in Jersey
18 August 2017
Our members have been keen for us to expand our Jersey fuel offering for some time, so we are very excited about the prospect of securing planning
Free Fruit for Kids
07 August 2017
As a parent of two young children, I know how challenging a visit to the supermarket can be. They marvel at the crisps and
When superheroes meet: The End of Chapter One
14 July 2017
A couple of weeks ago, the boys and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Eliana and Joanna presenting them with their new mobility aids.
Co-operatives Fortnight
29 June 2017
Back in 1844 a group of workers called the Rochdale Pioneers joined together and established a Society which charged not to capitalise on profit
Key Messages from our Annual Meetings of Members 2017
08 June 2017
Our Society’s Annual Meetings of Members were recently held in Jersey and Guernsey.
Hammerhead and StinkyPants are true heroes for two Channel Island charities
16 May 2017
It’s been a while since I have written about HammerHead and Captain StinkyPants. Over the past few months, these two superheroes have been very busy raising money for two local charities. For those of you unaware of these intrepid adventurers, let me bring you up to speed. I have
Why Dying Matters
10 May 2017
As CEO of our Society, I’m proud to fly the flag for two exceptional funeral propositions, De Gruchy’s Funeral Care in Jersey and Argent Funeral Care in Guernsey. But how do you shout about a business that is built upon something that nobody wants to talk about? While
The Next Step for our Jersey Flagship – Welcoming Dunelm to Grand Marché
05 May 2017
Six months ago, we announced that we were looking to improve and modernise our Grand Marché store in St. Helier, and were seeking interested partners to provide our customers with a greater choice of home furnishings and general merchandise. This week, I am pleased to reveal that market-leading UK retailer,
Celebrating Success
28 April 2017
Many of you may have already read in some of my previous blogs about how proud I am to lead a Society that bets on people, not strategies. As I’ve said before, business is lives, business is real people! We are under no illusions about the importance of our