Annual Meeting of Members 2019

Annual Meeting of Members 2019

Annual Meeting of Members 2019

This year our Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) was held at the Radisson Blue Waterfront Hotel on Wednesday 15 May 2019.


Despite uncertainties regarding Brexit and the potential difficulties that could bring, your Society was pleased to announce an exceptional year of trading, with an increase of £9.087 million (5.21%) during the year.

Food and Fuel enjoyed an increase in turnover of £10.733 million (6.87%), Medical Care increased its turnover by £0.198 million (16.12%) and Pharmacy improved its turnover by £0.204 million (2.34%).

Our award-winning Travelmaker increased gross turnover by £3.898 million (16.46%) giving a net increase of £0.245 million (17.66%) in agency commission and we are pleased to report that our market share has increased for Funeral Care, particularly in Jersey increasing its gross turnover by £0.133 million (7.83%).


Society Updates

100 years of making a real difference

To us, belonging is everything, and we’re proud that we’ve been making a real difference to our Island communities for over 100 years.

2019 marks 100 years of a Co-operative Society operating in the Channel Islands. The Jersey Co-operative Society (as it was then) opened its first store in Jersey in June 1919. The Guernsey Co-operative Society was established later in Guernsey in February 1947.

In 1955 these two co-operatives merged, becoming the Channel Islands Co-operative Society our Members and customers know today.

From humble beginnings in a small St Helier corner shop, to becoming one of the largest retailers in both Jersey and Guernsey, spanning across a range of businesses, this year is indeed an amazing milestone.


Charities supported

The Society continues to support the community in a variety of different ways.  Last year, we gave over £160,000 to community and charity related projects in the Channel Islands.

  • We supported over 260 charities, schools and organisations to raise money through bag packing and other fundraising events in our stores.
  • Our Directors nominated charities in their respective Islands and £750 was donated to each.
  • We support around 380 local charities annually with fundraising prizes and sponsorship.
  • Our Eco-Fund donated over £16,000 to local environmental causes in its 12th
  • Our Helping Hands Fund donated £18,100 to a variety of local charities and organisations in its 24th
  • We support the David Kirch voucher initiative and in 2019 gave over £57,000 in discounts to help the elderly community in Jersey.

Property update

2018 saw the opening of two new stores for the Society and one refurbishment. These stores join our ever-growing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly stores.

Although we have modernised our values still remain the same; to make a real difference to the communities we serve and to belong to our Members.

Locale The Bridge

Our new store at the Bridge was opened on Friday 9 November 2018 and offers new self-checkout tills for convenience, a Post Office and Financial Services counter, a customer service kiosk, energy-efficient fridges and shopping baskets made from recycled plastics.

Locale Charing Cross

Our Charing Cross store opened on Thursday 19 April 2018 and is conveniently located in the centre of St Helier. It also marks part of the historic district of St Helier with the Society helping to restore the local National Trust buildings in the area and the ‘river of light’ installation outside the store.

Locale St Brelade

Our St Brelade store has recently gone through quite a transformation. Beginning in March 2018, we worked hard re-designing and improving our Locale St Brelade and it’s emerged as an up-to-date, fresh, eco-efficient and spacious store ready to cater to every one of our Members.


Formal matters

1. To confirm the Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Members held on 22 May 2018.

Result: Carried

2. To receive the Board of Directors’ report for the 52 week period ended 13 January 2019.

Result: Carried

3. To receive the audited financial statements for the 52 week period ended 13 January 2019, and Declaration of the Dividend.

Result: Carried

4. To fix the remuneration of Directors who Chair the Board’s committee.

Result: Carried

5. To authorise the Board of Directors to appoint a suitable form of accountants to serve as the Society’s Auditor.

Result: Carried

6. To elect one Jersey Member to the Board of Directors.

Result: John Refault was successfully voted in as a new Director to the Board following ballots held online, in-store and at the AMM.