Dividend will be paid to members share accounts once it has been declared and approved at our Annual Meeting of Members on Tuesday 8th June 2021. It will then be available for withdrawal from Wednesday 9th June 2021.

However, please be assured that dividend paid to you is yours and will always be available to you to withdraw whenever you need it, be it in five months or five years’ time. Money held in your share account will even earn interest which is paid in January, so the more you save, the more you can earn.

Requesting dividend by cheque
To save time queuing, you can request to have your dividend sent to you by cheque.

You will need to have access to our Member Portal to be able to request your dividend to be sent to you by cheque. If you don’t already have access, you can do so by clicking here

You can request your cheque at any time via the Member Portal. Once dividend has been declared, we can send to you a cheque as quickly as possible for the value of the dividend you have been paid.

Visiting the financial services counter
If you would like to withdraw more than your dividend, or to withdraw as cash, then please visit one of our financial services counters. You can click here to view your nearest counter and opening times.

What you’ll need to bring
If you haven’t already had your account revalidated, then please bring the following with you so we can make sure your account is up to date and correct.

You will not be able to withdraw your dividend without these.

1. Proof of identity

Any one of the following:

  • current valid passport
  • current valid driving licence (if it contains your photograph)
  • current national identity card
  • birth certificate (if supported by other evidence of identity)
  • a current identity card issued by the armed forces

2. Proof of address

Any one of the following, dated within three months:

  • an original utility bill
  • an original letter from the States of Guernsey or Jersey
  • current valid driving licence (if it contains your address)
  • an original bank or credit card letter or statement