Co-op members can register for online voting in upcoming Director Elections

Co-op members can register for online voting in upcoming Director Elections

06 March 2019

Following the success of the inaugural online voting service offered during the Directors Elections in 2017, the facility will be offered again to all eligible Members of the Society to allow them to get involved and exercise their democratic right to vote in 2019.

Eligible Members of the Society will be able to register to vote in the upcoming Director Elections. To ensure transparency, impartiality and security, the Society has appointed the independent scrutineer UK Engage to administer the online voting process on its behalf.

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society’s Chief Governance Officer & Society Secretary, Chris Lintell, said: “We have over 125,000 Members, each with a right to vote in our Director Elections, and it’s important that we provide our Members the most convenient means to vote for their chosen candidate. Having used UK Engage for our last Director Elections in 2017, we are confident of their ability to serve the Society’s needs again. UK Engage oversee local and national elections in the UK, as well as overseeing elections for a wide variety of Membership organisations, such as pension schemes and trades unions. Their e-voting system is extremely robust, featuring high level encryption and three-factor authentication to securely process millions of votes each year. Voter access is via a Unique Security Code issued by UK Engage directly to each eligible Member. The system holds all election information and resources in one place, is easy to use and Members can vote using all types of devices.

Stephen Power, Creative Director at UK Engage, said: “Using our election expertise and robust online systems, we have designed and built a number of solutions to assist with candidate nominations, voter registration and electronic voting.  Furthermore, in order to make voting accessible, we have developed an electronic in-store voting solution.”

If any Member does not want to vote online, votes can be cast at our Grand Marché stores or at the Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) but only one vote can be made per Member.

The Society is asking Members to look out for emails about the voting process in the coming weeks. Online voter registration is now open. 

Eligible Members will be invited to vote for Directors from 4 April 2019. The Guernsey AMM takes place on 14 May, followed by the Jersey AMM, which will be held on 15 May. The election will conclude at the AMM in Jersey.

To find out more information about the elections and how to register Members are being invited to visit the Society’s website  www.channelislands.coop/OnlineVoting.