Euro Coop Presidency hosted in the Channel Islands for the first time

Euro Coop Presidency hosted in the Channel Islands for the first time

30 May 2018

THE Channel Islands Co-operative Society will host its first meeting of the Presidency of Euro Coop on Wednesday 30th May at La Mare Vineyards in Jersey where International collaboration between European cooperatives will be on the agenda.

Euro Coop is the voice of the co-operative retailers in Europe. The organisation, which meets three times a year, brings together the national associations of consumer co-operatives in 19 European countries. Five members of the Presidency will join The Channel Islands Co-operative Society’s chief executive officer Colin Macleod at the meeting.

Mr Macleod is also Vice-President of Euro Coop. He said: ‘I am absolutely thrilled to be able to host the senior leadership team from Europe’s biggest co-operative member organisation in Jersey for the first time. We really do have something special in the Channel Islands, including our focus on championing local suppliers, and it is great to be able to show all we do on a much, much bigger stage.

‘It is an important time for co-operatives as traditional retail players are looking to scale up, as evidenced by Tesco’s recent acquisition of Booker and the proposed transaction between Sainsbury’s and Asda. With over £80 billion worth of collective co-operative turnover across Europe, I’m proud to be part of the leadership of this organisation that is seeking to leverage collaborative benefits for the communities that we serve,’ he said.  

Mr Macleod will be joined by Massimo Bongiovanni of Coop Italia, Jaanus Vihand, CEO of Coop Estonia and Juhani Ilmola, Director of Advocacy, SOK Corporation, Finland. Ofer Feinstein, CEO of Coop Israel, and Todor Ivanov, Secretary General, who previously worked at Coop Bulgaria, will also be at the Presidency Meeting.

The Euro Coop represents 5,000 co-op entities, employs over 500,000 citizens across Europe and serves 32 million consumer members daily.