The Channel Islands Co-operative Society’s charity walk hopes to raise £1,000 in aid of Le Murier School’s residential project

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society’s charity walk hopes to raise £1,000 in aid of Le Murier School’s residential project

27 June 2018

THE Channel Islands Co-operative Society held a charity walk on Friday 22nd June to raise money towards Le Murier Schools residential project.

Twenty Co-op employees completed the Co-op to Co-op Charity Walk, a 15-mile trail starting at Forest En Route and finishing at Vazon Locale, carrying donation buckets. 

The residential scheme is designed to give children with learning difficulties the opportunity to learn independent living skills. As part of the project, four residential log cabins, a communal hall, kitchen area and an on-site Co-op shop will be built. The children will be able to live on the site for up to two weeks at a time learning skills, such as how to manage their own laundry, ironing, cleaning and cooking. The site will also be open for community groups, such as scouts and guides, to use.

Planning and Building Control is currently reviewing the final planning application, and it is hoped that construction will begin in September.

The Co-op shop onsite will provide students with an opportunity to run the shop. The students will learn everything from how to order stock and cash up, to managing budgets and marketing the shop and its products.

All the money raised from the walk will go towards the purchase of the log cabin for the shop, which costs £5,000.

Gary Dovey, Outdoor Education and Learning Outside the Classroom Coordinator at Le Murier School said, We are very grateful for the Co-ops support on this project. The on-site shop will provide the students with crucial life skills, which they can use after their school education. There are a great range of different roles and responsibilities that go in to running a shop and we are excited for the students to be exposed to as many skills as possible. Going forward, we are also hoping that produce grown on the land around the cabins, like vegetables, fruits and eggs from the chickens, will be sold in the shop.

The Channel Islands Co-operative Societys Community Officer, Tanya Dorrity, added,Thank you to all colleagues at the Co-op who took part in the walk last Friday, and to everyone who donated to this wonderful project. We believe that the skills the students will learn by running our on-site shop will help arm them with skills for life. The shop will be branded and fitted as if it was one our main shops in town to create a genuine shopping experience, with great Co-op products to sell. We are very much looking forward to seeing these exciting plans come to fruition.

If you would like to make a donation to the project, donation buckets will be on display at all Co-op stores until Sunday 1st July.