FAQs: changes to double dividend

We know our members will have a number of questions about our decision to cancel our double dividend days until further notice, so we have put together a list of FAQs to help answer some of your concerns.  

We have made the decision to remove double dividend on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to protect the health of both our members and customers. Our stores are extremely busy and we do not want to be encouraging our members to only shop on Tuesday and Wednesdays.  

If you have any further questions we have not answered below, then please email us at marketing@channelislands.coop 


Why can I no longer get stamps on Tuesday and Wednesdays?  

Following advice from the governments in both islands, we have introduced a number of safety measures in our stores to protect both our colleagues and customers from the potential threat of coronavirus. Removing double dividend stamps from our stores on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is the latest measure we have taken.  

We do not want to be encouraging our members to be attaching stamps to their stamp card by licking the back of the stamp. We also know our stores are getting busier with people shopping for friends and family and encouraging people into our stores specifically on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to get their extra dividend, puts extra pressure on our colleagues and results in longer queues outside for all our customers 


What are you doing instead of offering a double dividend?  

We are offering all our members an extra 1% bonus dividend on qualifying purchases throughout the week. Members will see this extra 1% in their share accounts on 1 July. The extra 1% bonus dividend will be banked between now and 30 June in your share account. From 1 July, the extra 1% will then be added to your share account the day after you shop with us.


How is this working at your En Routes?  

All customers will receive their normal dividend, with the added 1% on qualifying purchases other than fuel.  


Will double dividend be returning for your members? 

We will review our double dividend offer when restrictions in our stores are lifted at a later date. At this current time, we feel our decision to remove double dividend stamps is the best one we can make for the safety of both our colleagues and members.  


If you are no longer going to be giving out stamps, why am I still receiving a receipt?  

We have a duty to offer a receipt to our customers so they can see their spend. This does not need to be attached to anything, like the dividend stamps. If you would rather not be given a receipt then please let our colleagues know when you do your shopping.  


Can still pay for products using stamps I have already accrued? 

Dividend stamp cards are the equivalent to cash and our members will still be able to pay using these for the foreseeable future.


Do you still accept incomplete £1 double dividend cards in stores and post offices?

We accept incomplete £1 stamps, so if you only have £3 we will accept.

We don't accept incomplete 4p stamp cards.  


What happens if my share number is inputted in incorrectly in the store?

If you return home for your shopping trip and realise your share number is wrong on your receipt, then you will need to take the receipt back in to your nearest store when you next shop, or send it to us in the post to The Channel Islands Co-operative Society,
Co-operative House,
57 Don Street,
St. Helier,
JE2 4TR 

The store will send the receipt to our customer relations team who will make sure the correct value is added to your correct share number. 


If there is no double dividend what are the benefits of being a Co-op member? 

All our members will receive the extra 1% bonus dividend on qualifying purchases every day of the week. This is an offer only our members benefit from. You also own our business and we take that very seriously. Every decision we make, we do it with our members in mind. You also have your say on how the business is ran at our annual meeting of members.  

Why are you doing this when people are financially struggling?  

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone but we take the health of our colleagues and members very seriously and feel it was not appropriate to be handing over stamps to our members. We are offering an extra 1% bonus dividend all week, which we hope will be an added financial bonus. We pride ourselves on selling food at valuable prices and take our duty to care for our communities very seriously.  


Are there items I cannot receive dividend on? 

Members don’t earn dividend on:  

  1. Dry cleaning services 
  2. Fax machine usage 
  3. Fuel 
  4. Gift vouchers 
  5. Guernsey Electricity Key Card 
  6. Home delivery charges 
  7. Lottery tickets 
  8. Parking paycards 
  9. Pay as you go SIM and top up cards (Airtel, JT & Sure) 
  10. Postage Stamps 
  11. Photocopying 
  12. Raffle Tickets 
  13. School Bus Tickets 
  14. Speed Dial Cards 
  15. GST