Coronavirus FAQs

We know a number of questions are being raised in response to the Covid-19 outbreak so we have put together a list of FAQs to help answer some of your concerns.

As a community retailer we are committed to providing a service for our islanders and will continue operating stores and delivering essential emergency food and products to those most in need. 

Please read the essential emergency deliveries FAQs for the answers to any questions you may have surrounding that service. 

If you have any further questions we have not answered below, then please email us at marketing@channelislands.coop

What measures are you putting in place for social distancing?

To help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and to ensure we are following the government’s advice and guidelines, we have put measures in place for social distancing. We are reducing the number of customers in our stores and, at times, we will be forced to introduce a one in, one out policy. We will be closing some shopping aisles for short periods throughout the day to enable our colleagues to replenish stock. We have increased our messaging in stores with advice on social distancing and our larger stores now have floor signs, reminding customers to stand 2 meters apart, and protective screens to keep our customers and colleagues safe. 

We our advising all our customers to use card payments instead of cash wherever possible and to shop alone where you can and avoid shopping as a family. Our priority continues to be our members, customers and our colleagues in store and we ask that you please be patient at this time. These measures are put in place for your safety and we are doing all we can to protect all those concerned in an ever evolving situation.

Will you be opening the store during dedicated times for the elderly and vulnerable?

Following advice from the government in both Jersey and Guernsey, they have both advised that those who are 65 years and older or have underlying health issues should stay at home, avoid public transport, work from home and keep a distance of one metre from any person who isn’t in their household. In line with this advice we will not be opening our stores to those islanders at risk of catching coronavirus during certain times. We are supporting those islanders self-isolating, or in need, with no other friends or family who can buy food for them with essential emergency deliveries.

How often are you cleaning the till surfaces, self-surface tills and trolleys?

Keeping our customers safe is a priority and all our till colleagues have wipes and hand sanitiser at their workspaces. Colleagues are wiping down their tills as often as they can and using hand sanitiser between customers. As I am sure you are aware our stores are extremely busy at this time and our colleagues are doing as much as they can to keep the store clean. Our trolleys are being wiped down on a regular basis and our colleagues are cleaning all surfaces down throughout the day. Please help our colleagues by making sure your hands are washed before coming in to our stores and you touch as little as possible whilst doing your shop.

Will you provide hand sanitiser for customers to use?

At present we will not be offering any hand sanitiser at the front of stores for customers to use. Due to the limited stock of hand sanitiser across the island, our priority is making sure our colleagues are regularly using it when in contact with tills, card machines and products.

Are you going to cover any baked goods and loose food in your stores?

Following advice from the Environmental Health department we have taken the decision to make sure all our baked breads and pastries are wrapped. There will be no loose baked goods in our stores until further notice. We are not yet resulting to wrapping any loose vegetables, fruit or salad as these are all items that customers wash before eating at home. Please be mindful of other customers and only pick up the items of produce you wish to purchase.

Will in-store tastings still be taking place?

No. We have postponed all our in-store tastings until further notice. Our deli counters will no longer be offering tastings on their counters and we have removed our free fruit for kids.

Are you still rationing some items to three per person? 

Unfortunately, due to the amount of people stockpiling products we have had to put measures in place to ensure customers are only taking a limited amount of items. Facial tissues, toilet paper and kitchen roll are limited to 1 item per customer.  All other products are limited to 3 items per customer. We are aware customers will be shopping for those self-isolating and will review this decision as stock allows. We also understand the pressures of those working within nursing homes, charities and organisations who need to carry out a larger shop. We want to accommodate as much as possible, so for nursing home staff, charity workers and support workers please show your ID either to one of our colleagues on the shop floor or to a cashier and we will try to support your requests as much as possible. We need your help in encouraging everyone to shop sensibly. Together we can care for those most vulnerable and make sure we can continue to keep the islands fed.

Are you planning for store closures?

As with any business with a large workforce we have a plan in place to deal with store closures. As schools close and more islanders have to self-isolate we will monitor our workforce across all stores and plan to close our smaller stores first. We will make it our priority to make sure there is a supermarket open in all main areas across the islands. We will advise our customers of any store closures with plenty of notice.

Why have you closed Locale Val Plaisant? 

We have made the difficult decision to close your Locale Val Plaisant store from MOnday 30 March because we are dealing with an unprecedented amount of calls our essential home delivery service has received. This decision has been made so our colleagues can safely collect the items needed to fulfil this service to better serve our community. Anyone wishing to shop at this store should now visit the nearest alternative store which is Grand Marché St Helier. We thank all of you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. We are working hard to cause as little disruption as possible.

What measures are you taking to make sure colleagues are self-isolating?

All colleagues who have visited affected destinations are self-isolating at home and we are advising no colleagues who have any symptoms to come into work. As all businesses, we are taking this very seriously and have plans in place to make sure no colleagues who are feeling unwell are coming into work.

A polite reminder regarding our in store colleagues.

Unfortunately, heightened situations can cause intensified reactions. We take the mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues very seriously, therefore we would appreciate all customers and members to treat our colleagues fairly and with respect. Our colleagues have your best interests at heart and are working incredibly hard to ensure they still provide the best service they can offer at this incredibly difficult time. We appreciate your frustrations when you are unable to purchase the product you need or want, but this is not due to any fault of our colleagues. We ask that you have patience at this time and understand our colleagues are doing all they can for you, our customers and members.

What measures are your GPs surgeries in Jersey taking to protect patients and colleagues?

We are here to support islanders and are working hard to make sure everyone's need are met but have introduced measures to protect the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and patients. We have introduced a 'closed door' policy to all our GP surgeries in Jersey to make sure we keep our colleagues and patients safe from anyone with coronavirus symptoms. If you think you have Covid-19 or would like information regarding the symptoms then we would ask you to please ring the Government of Jersey helpline on 01534 445566. Anyone who thinks they have Covid-19 should NOT visit their GP surgery. 

For all other illness, please call your GP and do not visit the surgery and then they will asses the situation and call back to arrange an appointment if required. 

In the event that some of our surgeries close, prescriptions and medicines for collection will be transferred to another surgery. We will make our patients aware of these changes as and when they happen. If you have received a rescue pack, please keep this to one side and begin to use it when truly required.