Giving back is at the heart of our values. We support various Channel Island charities and causes through our charity schemes and in-store charity events.

In-store charity events

At our Grand Marché stores, local charities can organise:

  1. Bag packs
  2. Charity collections
  3. Flag days
  4. Static displays

These events are a great way to raise awareness of your charity. They’re also a fun activity for your volunteers to take part in, and of course a brilliant way to raise money!

We have a limited number of spaces per month, so you’ll need to make sure you book in advance. For more information, see our in-store charity events FAQs.

You can apply to hold an in-store charity event using our online form

Apply to hold an in-store event

Co-op charity schemes

Our charity schemes support Channel Island charities to raise much needed funds and awareness of their cause. We have three different schemes:

  1. Collection boxes
  2. Donate Your Dividend
  3. Charity Donated Goods Basket (Jersey only)

Please see below for more information about each of our charity schemes, and apply via our online form.

We encourage charities to participate in one of the above schemes at a time. 

Apply for one of our charity schemes

Collection boxes

Charities and organisations have the opportunity to fundraise by leaving collection tins in our stores.

Our collection boxes scheme allows up to 12 different charities per year to benefit from having collection tins in our stores.

Three charities take part on a quarterly basis, rotating between ‘groups’ or ‘clusters’ of Co-op stores. This allows more charities to fundraise across more of our locations and for longer periods.

Charities can have one collection boxes scheme booking per year, and we allocate where and when each charity’s collection tins are to be placed. Charities can only book into our allocated time slots and bookings cannot over run into another time slot.

When we confirm your booking we will let you know:

  1. Times and dates of the scheme
  2. How many collection boxes you can have in each of the Society stores you’re booked into
  3. The monthly rotation schedule for your collection boxes

Apply to have your collection boxes in our stores >

Please note: It is the responsibility of the charity to ensure that their collection tin is in the right store and removed at the end of each rotation.

Donate your dividend

Our Donate Your Dividend rota runs on a quarterly basis, and gives our members the chance to donate their double dividend stamps to whichever charity occupies the scheme in that particular period.

The donated dividend stamps are collected by the Society and turned into a monetary cheque which is presented to your charity. Charities can only have one ‘donate your dividend’ booking per year.

Apply for the donate your dividend scheme >

Donated Goods basket (Jersey only)

Our Donated Goods Basket scheme allows customers and members to donate items of their shopping to a collection basket for your charity.

The scheme runs for one month per charity, and will give your charity the opportunity to encourage shoppers to donate particular items to your cause.

We will create a sign to display on the basket to let customers know which charity they are donating to and how the goods will help.

Apply for the Donated Goods Basket scheme >

Other things to know about our charity schemes

  • Please note that all requests should be sent to us a minimum of two weeks prior to the proposed date.
  • All of our schemes are hugely popular and therefore, in the interests of fairness, charities are randomly selected to be on the scheme.
  • The Channel Islands Co-operative Society reserves the right to withdraw your fundraising event request should you be unable to provide proof of official authorisation from the registered charity/organisation.