Dividend Stamps

Your Dividend is unique

Unlike other retailers, we return profits to you, our members, in the form of Dividend. Whilst we retain an amount to pay taxes and invest in the Society, the majority balance is distributed to all members, in proportion to the amount you spend.

You have been allocated a Share Account and number which you will need to use when making a purchase. It is advisable to ensure the correct share number has been recorded on your receipt as this will ensure the correct amount of dividend is credited to your account.

Your dividend value is automatically calculated during the trading year, which ends on the second Sunday in January. You can draw your Dividend as cash after the annual AMM, leave it in your share account to gain interest or have it paid as Dividend vouchers, with which you will gain a further 15% in value.

In recent years, this dividend has been calculated at the rate of 4p in the £1.00 on your total purchases but is subject to annual ratification and change. The dividend rate is approved at our AMM in May.

Bonus Dividend

Shop with us, in our food stores, on Tuesday and Wednesday (excludes En Route petrol stations) and we will pay you a bonus Dividend*. On these days, in addition to the normal Dividend, all members receive an extra payment in the form of Dividend stamps. For every £1 spent, customers currently receive a stamp worth 4p. Bonus Dividend stamps may be spent like cash or added to your share account.

*Not applicable in December. 4% has been the Dividend value for some years but is subject to change and ratification by members at the AMM.

Christmas Bonus

During the month of December, each complete £1 card of stamps is worth £1.05 for Christmas shopping in your Co-operative food stores.

Heres's how to turn £100 into £115 at your Society* (Guernsey only*)

Now we want to make your Dividend  even more attractive.  When you claim your Dividend this year, take it as Dividend shopping vouchers and it will be worth an extra 15%.

For example, if your Dividend amounts to £100 then you can claim either £100 in cash or £115 in Dividend shopping vouchers - Dividend Shopping vouchers can only be used at Homemaker Guernsey.

In Homemaker Guernsey you will find an extensive range of products to spend your shopping vouchers on, from the very latest in sound and visual technology to the most economical advancements in household appliances.The store also offers the very best in home furnishings including sofas, dining sets, beds, textiles, curtains and housewares.


This Society abides by a code of practice, which requires it to provide a statement to its members or shareholders of the nature of their investment and any change affecting it. The position you occupy as a shareholder of The Channel Islands Co-operative Society Limited is no different from that of a shareholder in any other corporate body in the sense that, if The Channel Islands Co-operative Society fails, you may not have all, or any of your investment returned to you. Your investment is withdrawable without penalty at the discretion of the board. The Society, unlike banks and building societies, is not subject to prudential supervision by the Financial Services Commission.