Share Accounts

Holders of share accounts with The Channel Islands Society (Registered Office is Co-operative House, 57 Don Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 4TR) are informed that as of  Monday 14th November 2016, interest rates applicable to the accounts are as follows :-


Band Interest Rate
Up to £1,000 0.10% per annum
£1,001 to £5,000 0.25% per annum
£5,001 to 10,000 1.10% per annum
£10,001 and over 1.35% per annum


The Society abides by a voluntary code of practice that governs Co-operative Societies and which requires that we provide a statement to Shareholders of the nature of their investment and any change affecting it.

The position you occupy as a shareholder of the Society is no different from that of a shareholder in any other body corporate in the sense that, if the Society fails, you may not have all, or any, of your investment returned to you. Your investment is withdrawable without penalty at the discretion of the Board. The Society is not a Bank and is therefore not covered by a banking deposit protection scheme.

We are pleased to advise that there have been no changes, other than interest rates changes that have been notified separately, that have occurred during the year and your investment in the Society is backed by net assets of over £54 million. Moreover, although not subject to formal prudential supervision, a condition of the Society’s exemption under the Banking Business (Jersey) Law 1991 is that the Society’s independent Auditor must report annually to the Commission that deposits with the Society do not exceed 100% of its most recently published capital and reserves. 

Please note that the latest audited financial statements of the Society are now available - please click here

Under legislation for the prevention and detection of money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) that are in force in the Channel Islands, the Society is required to obtain sufficient information on its clients to meet the aims of the laws. 

Therefore, when making the first transaction involving your share and/or loan account, other than the initial £1 Share, will require you to provide official ID and proof of address. Photographic ID  will be accepted in the form of a:

-        Full current Passport.

-        National Identity Card.

-        Full Driving Licence, provided it is of a type that carries a photograph of the holder.

-        Armed Forces Identity Card.

-        Birth Certificate.

The following documents are acceptable to verify the address:

-        Recent household or utility bill.

-        An original of a recent letter from an employer on headed paper.

-        An original of a recent official letter from a States’ Department or Parochial Authority, e.g. a letter from the Tax Office.

-        Recent Bank or Credit Card Statement.

In addition a contact telephone number is required.

You will not be required to show your ID for subsequent transactions unless you are unable to produce your passbook, in which case photographic ID will be required.