Society Christmas Club stamps are an easy way to spread the cost of Christmas across the whole year, you can save as much or as little as you want, when you want.

It’s so easy and how much you save is up to you.

Start Saving for Christmas Today!

5% Bonus on all completed cards redeemed during December.

Here's How to Save

  1. Collect your Saver Club card from the dispenser.
  2. Buy your Saver Club Christmas stamps from the dispenser, there is no limit to how many you can buy. Dispensers are located in all Grand Marché and most Locale stores.
  3. Start collecting.
  4. Completed cards can be exchanged for cash or deposited into your share account (at Co-op Post Office counters), or used to purchase goods.
  5. This card can be used to purchase goods from any of our stores: Grand Marché, Locale and En Route.
  6. Dividend is paid on your purchases with the saver cards*
  7. Stamps available January to November only.
  8. Redeem your stamps in December and receive a 5% bonus, each completed card used during December is worth £12.60.

Terms & Conditions

Saving Stamps cannot be used to purchase any of the following: Lottery Tickets, Scratch Cards, Pay Cards, Stamps, Gift Vouchers, Mobile Top Up Cards, School Bus Tickets, fuel or goods provided by any third party at our stores.

*Only Members of the Society can receive dividend. Not a Member? Find out more about becoming one.

Please take care with your saver stamps and completed cards as we can’t accept responsibility for loss or damage to them.

Only completed cards are redeemable.

The Society reserves the right to withdraw this scheme without notice.