Mission, Vision & Values


Our Mission

To develop and protect long-term member value. 

Our Vision

 To make a real difference to the communities we serve. 

Our Values

  • Co-operation: embracing the co-operative principles* in everything we do.
  • Openness: honesty and trustworthy in what we say and how we behave. Being prepared to listen.
  • Passion: pride in our business, determination to succeed, radiating positive energy.
  • Empowerment: providing opportunity, encouraging contribution and involvement, believing in our people.
  • Recognition: ensuring our colleagues are appreciated, valued and rewarded for their achievements.

*self help, self responsibility, equality, equity, democracy and solidarity

It is also our aim to maintain our position as the Island's leading responsible retailer. 

For more information on our Customer Charter click here  and to read about how we support Equal Opportunities click here.


Our Society Rules

To find out more about the Society's rules click here.