Jack-o'-Lantern rice cakes

Jack-o'-Lantern rice cakes
It takes minutes to transform plain rice cakes into these terrifying treats — and kids will love to lend a hand
Serves 6  / 
Prep 10 minutes  / 
Cook 0


100g Coop red pepper houmous
6 Coop unsalted rice cakes
6 small pieces celery, plus 6 small celery leaves
10 pitted black olives, cut into small triangular pieces
Few sprigs of mint, to garnish


1. Spread the houmous onto the rice cakes, then use a wooden skewer to mark curved lines through it to resemble a pumpkin

2. Position the celery sticks and leaves at the top of the rice cakes for a ‘stalk’

3. Use the olive pieces for the eyes, nose and mouth

4. Place on a serving platter and decorate with the mint sprigs to resemble pumpkin vines