Eco Diesel 100

Eco Diesel 100

Eco Diesel 100 FAQs

What is it?
Eco diesel 100 is a generation 2 biofuel created solely from 100% renewable sources such as vegetable oils and food waste like used cooking oil and animal fats that go through a detailed refinement process that produces a fuel chemically identical to fossil-diesel while reducing the output of greenhouse gas emissions by 90% from the Production of the fuel in the refinery to its combustion in your engine. It is sulphur free, oxygen-free and odourless and can be stored over long periods without deterioration in quality or water accumulation, unlike some 1st generation biofuels


How is it produced?

Eco Diesel 100 is produced 100% renewable sources such as vegetable oils and food waste like used cooking oil and animal fats classified as a Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. Eco Diesel 100 has a unique refining process that removes some of the issues experienced with other biofuels such as microbiological growth, long-term stability problems, water contamination and in some circumstances, higher vehicle maintenance costs.


Why should I use Eco Diesel 100?
Road transport emissions account for 32% of Jersey’s greenhouse gas emissions. And in 2018 Diesel use made up 45% of road fuel used in the island. As well as providing a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from its production Eco Diesel 100 also reduces the emissions coming from your exhaust:

• 3% lower levels of fine particulates (and a smaller number of particulates in general)
• 9% less nitrogen oxides (NOx)
• 30% less hydrocarbons (HC)
• 24% lower carbon monoxide (CO) emissions
• Reduced levels of polyaromatic hydrocarbons.


Does Eco Diesel 100 contain Palm Oil?

Eco Diesel does contain a small amount of palm oil, currently around 12%
We work with a refinery that only uses a small amount of sustainably grown palm oil. The product currently only contains around 12% palm oil which is sourced from farms which are traced and audited and only use trees which are over 10 years old.
The refinery, Neste, is a member of RSPO and the palm oil used is RSPO certified. Neste requires all their palm oil suppliers to be members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) organisation. The organisation requires its members to commit themselves to respecting human rights and protecting rainforests.


I have a diesel vehicle; can I use Eco Diesel now?

Eco Diesel can be added to your tank now and drivers of diesel vehicles can start to reduce their emissions immediately. It can be used as 100% renewable diesel or blended with conventional diesel, which means you can put it in your tank now and there is no need for any modifications to your vehicle.

If you have any concerns it is always worth speaking with your vehicle manufacturer. 

Where can I fill up?

Currently Eco Diesel 100 is only available at En Route St Peter and En Route Trinity. in Jersey. However, we're currently looking in to increasing availability across our Guernsey En Route stores