Co-operative Fortnight 2022

Co-operative Fortnight 2022

For two weeks every year we get together with other Coops and highlight what it is we do and what being a Co-op means for local communities. This year we are celebrating the many different, inspiring ways that being part of a Co‑op makes to peoples lives.

What does being a co-operative mean?

You might know Coop as a chain of stores. But Coops are much more than that. Coops can be housing or healthcare, social care or sports clubs, cafes or community enterprises.

A Coop business is owned and controlled by its Members. It means that everyone who is part of the business is involved in it – from customers and employees to suppliers and partners. Everybody has a stake and interest in the business and work together to make it succeed.

By becoming a member of your Coop, you are not only getting the financial benefits of member dividend. You are also contributing to the local economy, supporting local producers, suppliers and charities, and caring for our environment both locally and globally.

Every time you shop, you give back.

When you shop at your Coop, you're helping local producers, your local economy and local people just like you. There's no sweeter feeling.

Module - Delicious dividends
Delicious dividends

£5.5 million of profits was given back to members last year.

That’s because every member of the Co-op is also an owner so they get 4% dividend back every time they shop. So if you’re a Co-op member, you can get a slice of the pie too.

Module - Legendairy

We spent £9.9 million with local suppliers last year.

When you shop at your Co-op, you’re helping local producers, the local economy, and local people. That makes you a local legend.

Module - Community donations
Community donations

£312,000 in community donations. That’s a lot of dough.

The more you shop at your Co-op, the more we can donate. Which gives rise to lots of benefits in your community.

There are many other Co-operative values that are central to our business too like environmental responsibility, ethical trading, buying local and choosing Fairtrade when we buy from producers in the developing world.

By being a member and shopping with us, you are helping us to invest in your community and support local people.   

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This Co-op Fortnight, why not become a member?

In the Channel Islands, we are unique because we are owned by local people, our members.

Co-ops are different from other businesses. We exist to serve our communities.

If you are over 16 years old and a resident in the Channel Islands, by investing £1 in a share of your Co-operative, you can become a member and save as you spend with dividend.