Food Donation Boxes

Support a local charity through our food donation boxes.

Our food donation boxes are located at our Grand Marché stores. They provide our customers with a chance to purchase items to donate in support of local charities.

The food donation boxes in Grand Marché St Martin and St Sampson collect for Guernsey Welfare Service throughout the year. Donations of the following items will be gratefully received:

  1. Longlife milk
  2. Longlife Juices
  3. Dried pasta
  4. Dried mashed potato
  5. Rice
  6. Jam
  7. Sugar
  8. Teabags
  9. Instant coffee
  10. Tins of: Soup, pasta, vegetables, beans, tomatoes, meat, fish, fruit

The boxes themselves also have a story to tell. They were made by prisoners on the Creative Learning in Prison programme at Les Nicolles, helping prisoners to develop new vocational skills.