Trick or treat burgers

Trick or treat burgers
Your guests will believe in black magic after biting into this ‘burger’
Serves 8  / 
Prep 90 mins  / 
Cook N/A


1 Coop Madeira cake
100g Coop mascarpone
1⁄4 tsp vanilla extract
24g golden syrup
75g Coop Fairtrade milk chocolate
25g Coop Fairtrade dark chocolate
50g local unsalted butter
75g hulled strawberries
75g Coop raspberry jam
300g strawberries
3 kiwi fruits
4 Coop brioche burger buns


1. Cut 2 long, thin slices (about 4mm thick) from the middle of the Madeira cake, cut each in half and wrap in clingfilm - these will be the cheese slices

2. Weigh out 150g of the remaining cake, blitz into crumbs and set aside

3. Mix the mascarpone, vanilla extract and golden syrup to make the mayonnaise and set aside

4. Melt the golden syrup, butter, and milk chocolate and dark chocolate, broken up, in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water, making sure it doesn’t touch the surface

5. Remove, and stir in the cake crumbs

6. Pour the mixture onto a tray lined with greaseproof paper and shape into 4 even circular portions to make the burgers. Chill for 1 hour.

7. Mash half of the strawberries with raspberry jam to make a relish

8. Thickly slice the rest of the strawberries for the tomatoes, and peel and thinly slice the kiwi fruits for lettuce

9. Halve the brioche burger buns and spread the mayo on the bases

10. Top with the lettuce, burgers, cheese slices, tomatoes and relish