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10 ways to reduce lunchbox food waste

26 October 2023

Back to school? Back to the lunchbox challenge! It's time to whip up lunches that'll make your kids jump for joy while keeping food waste at bay. Kitche dish out their top 10 tips on conquering food waste with a side of fun!

1. Pre-Pack Party 

The night before school, unleash your inner lunchbox pro and pre-pack those boxes. You'll be amazed at how stress-free your mornings become. 

2. Pack It Together 

Let your little ones join in on the lunch-packing fun. They'll be more likely to eat it up if they've had a hand in creating their lunchtime masterpiece.

3. Bento Brilliance 

Picture this: a lunchbox that's like a food adventure, with separate compartments for each culinary delight and no need for disposable packaging. Bento boxes aren't just cool; they're eco-friendly too!

4. Freeze It Up 

Turn juice boxes into lunchbox superheroes! Freeze them overnight, and they'll double as ice packs, keeping your lunch cool until it's time to eat!

5. Tiny Tummies, Tiny Containers 

Fill small containers with snack-sized delights like raw veggies, pretzels, or a colourful array of fruit slices for a lunchbox that's all about bite-sized fun.

6. Dive into the world of dipping! 

Small containers of hummus or dips can transform veggies or crackers into flavour-packed bites

7. Leftovers Remix 

Give last night's dinner a lunchtime encore. Leftover chicken? It's sandwich time. Leftover pasta? Hello, pasta salad!

8. Fruit Warriors 

Choose fruits that can handle the lunchbox journey like champions. Apples, carrots, and cherry tomatoes are tough cookies that won't go mushy.

9. Silicone Spell 

Cupcake liners aren't just for cupcakes. They're lunchbox magicians that keep foods from getting squished together and soggy.

10. Mix It Up 

Keep things exciting by changing up what goes into the lunchbox. Variety is the spice of lunch life, after all!


So there you have it! With these tips, you're ready to rock lunchtime while saving food! For more ways to save food and money check out the Kitche app.


*Remember, for safety, always cut up grapes for young children and be mindful of nut allergies when packing snacks.