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How Fairtrade is combatting the climate crisis

How Fairtrade is combatting the climate crisis

24 February 2022

One of the most pressing issues of this generation is the crisis surrounding climate change.

Back in
the autumn of 2021, some of the world’s biggest leaders were gathering in Glasgow for COP26. Watching the results of their discussions alongside the rest of the world was the Fairtrade Movement.

Although it may not seem to be one of the most obvious links to Fairtrade, climate justice is very much connected to the plight of farmers and producers in the developing world.

The unfair truth is that it is the low-income countries that are hit the hardest by climate change. Thanks to increasingly extreme and unpredictable weather, farmers in developing countries are not only battling against destructive droughts or devasting floods limiting their overall harvest, but are also struggling against being unjustly underpaid for the goods they do produce. 

It leaves many farmers and workers in a desperate situation

So how does Fairtrade play a part in the fight for climate justice?

Many of the world’s lowest earning farmers and workers understand the climate crisis all too well – they are often the ones seeing the consequences of climate change happen right in front of them.  

If our global crisis continues at its current rate, it is predicted that by 2050 that suitable land for growing coffee globally could decrease by 50 percent.

Furthermore, conditions for growing some of our favourite Fairtrade products like cocoa or bananas will be too hot, meaning that overall yield will go down and prices of our ‘everyday’ goods up. 

For farmers in developing countries, unfair trade means they cannot even earn enough for basics, let alone the money to invest in adapting to climate change and sustainable farming techniques.  

But it is possible to bring some equality to the unfair status quo, and that happens by choosing to buy Fairtrade products.

Your Co-op is and always has been a huge advocate of Fairtrade.

We’re proud to be the largest supplier of Fairtrade products in the Channel Islands with a range of more than 200 goods. 

By choosing Fairtrade, it means more power and more money is handed back to the hands of farmers and workers, meaning they have more resources to take on the climate crisis. It also enables environmental protection for our planet as it encourages growers to make a more sustainable choice in their farming.

Every one of our own-branded goods from your Co-op- whether it’s our Truly Irresistible wine, or a sweet chocolate treat from our Honest Value range, all are crafted with Fairtrade produce where possible. 

It means that when you shop with your local Co-op, you’re doing good – not just for your pocket, but also for the planet, and for ensuring a fair livelihood for farmers and growers across the world. 

Next time you’re shopping in your local Co-op, know that you’re doing a world of good by choosing to buy Fairtrade.