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Islanders able to access a free diabetes screening in Jersey

Islanders able to access a free diabetes screening in Jersey

04 November 2019

ISLANDERS with concerns they may be diabetic will be able to access a free Type 2 diabetes screening on Friday 15 November at two of our Co-operative Pharmacy locations in Jersey.

From 20 November those with Type 2 diabetes will also be able to collect essential blood testing supplies for free from all island pharmacies, including all our Pharmacy Locale locations as part of a new service.

Pharmacy Locale in Grand Marché St Helier and Grand Marché St Peter will be offering the free diabetes test between 9am and 4pm on Friday 15 November only. There is no need to book an appointment – you can just turn up on the day.

Diabetes screenings are normally offered to islanders at a cost of £5 from all Pharmacy Locale locations.

The screening is being held to mark this year’s World Diabetes Day, on Thursday 14 November.

Recent research showed that up to 2,000 islanders could be living with undiagnosed diabetes. The diabetes test only takes between 5 and 10 minutes and will take place in a private pharmacy consultation room by trained staff.

Sara Kynicos, superintendent pharmacist and head of Co-op pharmacy care, said: ‘We offered free diabetes tests last year to mark World Diabetes Day and it was a huge success. The simple test could save a life and by offering free tests we hope to raise awareness of the symptoms and risks associated with diabetes.

‘We welcome the changes to the diabetes service because as a local, community pharmacy branch, we can offer more convenient access to essential health supplies. We also offer professional advice and support around medicine use.

‘We would welcome any new patients to our GP surgeries who would like to register with our diabetes pharmacy services.’

Changes to the diabetes service means that from 20 November, Pharmacy Locale will be able to dispense blood testing supplies from all island locations. The new free service will replace the current service from Overdale Hospital, which provides the blood testing kits at subsidised prices.

The new service is hoped to be more convenient for patients. The patient will be able to choose a pharmacy of their choice to pick up supplies. Patients must be referred on to the service by their GP so that the pharmacy knows the patient has a diagnosis of diabetes and meets the eligibility criteria.