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Our brand-new store, En Route Trinity opens in Jersey

Our brand-new store, En Route Trinity opens in Jersey

04 August 2021

We were excited to officially launch our brand-new store, En Route Trinity on Wednesday 4 August.

The new store will stock around 5,000 product lines, with a full selection of grocery items and a large area for fresh fruit and vegetables. Many popular brands will also be available including a range from our most recent partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts.

For customers looking to drive to the store, there are 28 parking spaces and a six-pump petrol station with two electric charging points. Alternatively, we have also funded a brand-new bus shelter, positioned next to the car park, for shoppers opting to travel to and from the store on public transport.

The 3,500sq ft development is the most energy efficient food store in the Channel Islands with sustainability being a key focus of both the building’s design and internal facilities. It incorporates solar panels and a heat exchanger which together provide hot water for the entire site, including the three new on-site residential flats which have been offered to employees. 

Mark Cox, Chief Executive Officer for the Society, said, ‘This store has been designed with the needs of local people in mind. Not only are we proud of the state-of-art development but we are delighted to have created 8 new jobs and provided an opportunity for existing skilled staff to transfer to the new store, with 13 members of our former Sion store team being offered jobs.’


Jim Plumley, Chief Development Officer for the Society, will officially open the store at 9am for its first customers to enjoy. He said, ‘Over my 44-year career at the Society, I have seen many stores open, but this will certainly be one to remember. The new store is truly remarkable and shows how far the Society has come through its dedication to the environment. It will no doubt serve as a key part of our local community, and it is my honour to open it for our loyal shoppers.’

Kevin Mowatt, Head of Trading for the Society, has been the sustainability lead on the project and has managed the design of the development. He said, ‘We are really proud to have achieved the most efficient food store on the Island. We constantly strive to improve our sustainably and the enhancements made to this development have made it 20% more efficient than the last store we opened. It has shown us what is possible for our stores and has set a standard for future developments.’

The Co-op En Route Trinity store will be open 7am-9pm, seven days a week.