Funeral price list

These prices are correct from January 2019.

Professional services - £975

Provision of all professional services including appropriate advice, support and guidance. All personnel necessary to make the funeral arrangements including completion of all documentation and liaison with all necessary third parties. £975

Supplementary services

  1. Transferring the deceased from place of death to Maison Funérier by means of a private, funeral directors' ambulance and two-man crew at any time of the day or night. £240
  2. Preparation of the deceased, i.e. washing, dressing and laying out and encoffining. £180

Payments made on your behalf such as burial or cremation fees

Disbursements - these vary according to the specific requirements of the service and the parish. 

Coffin and casket selection

We are able to order any chosen coffin, in addition to those listed below.

  1. Wood-effect (up to 6'4" x 22") - larger sizes available but will incur and additional expense: £470
  2. Paulownia: £575
  3. Colourful (cardboard): £550
  4. Colourful (MDF generic design): £585
  5. Colourful (MDF bespoke design): £730
  6. Bamboo Eco (depending on size): £450-£550
  7. Bamboo Lattice (depending on size): £545-£630
  8. Eco-pod Willow (depending on size): £705-£790
  9. Highsted Willow (depending on size): £670-£775
  10. Brown Cardboard Economy (6'1" and 6'7" only): £255-£322.50
  11. White Cardboard (6'1" and 6'7" only): £287.50-£380

Additional services

  • Provision of a hearse and chauffeur: £300
  • Conveyance from Maison Funéraire to Le Foulon Vale Crematorium by private funeral directors’ ambulance: £240
  • Provision of horse-drawn hearse: from £2,300
  • Provision of motorcycle hearse: from £1,165
  • Provision of attendants (he or she records mourners’ names): £87.50 per person
  • Provision of bearers (Team of Four): £350
  • Provision of bearers (Team of Six): £525
  • Provision of bier and team of four bearers: £525
  • Funeral directors’ supervision on separate occasion, e.g., at committal of ashes: £75
  • Basic cremation with neither ceremony nor service (includes provision of plain brown cardboard coffin): £2,204


  1. Burial at sea: from £2,965
  2. Reliquaries - a broad range of containers to hold cremated remains. Prices upon request.

Children's funerals

Professional services are provided free of charge for children under 16 years of age. 


An estimate of costs will always be given prior to a service taking place. You can download a copy of this price list, and paper copies are also held in our reception area.