Funeral price list

These prices are correct from March 2024.

A copy of this price list can be downloaded here.

Professional services - £1,520

Provision of all professional services including appropriate advice, support and guidance. All personnel necessary to make the funeral arrangements including completion of all documentation and liaison with all necessary third parties. Including the use of a private remembrance room.

Supplementary services - £1,400

  1. Bringing the deceased into our care, 24hr - day or night (£350)
  2. Hygienic treatment and presentation of the deceased (£200)
  3. Provision of a hearse/driver and four pall bearers to conduct the funeral (£850)

Payments made on your behalf such as burial or cremation fees

Disbursements - these vary according to the specific requirements of the service and the parish. Cremation fee £828.

Coffin and casket selection

We are able to order any chosen coffin, in addition to those listed below.

  1. Hampshire oak veneer coffin - Oak veneer coffin, polished finish with flat lid and side panels £695

  2. Islay - Oak style veneer coffin, with a light teak polish, with flat lid and side panels £695

  3. Paulownia Wood - A solid wood coffin with routed panels, raised lid finish available in light or medium colour £785

  4. York oak veneer coffin - Oak veneer coffin, polished finish with raised lid and carved side panels £840

  5. Essex mahogany veneer coffin - Mahogany veneer coffin, polished finish with raised lid and carved side panels £840

  6. Coloured coffin - Gloss or matt finish coffin, any colour, raised lid and carved side panels £840

  7. Carlton solid mahogany coffin - Solid mahogany, polished finish, with raised lid and carved side panels £1,250

  8. Argyle/Barnard solid coffin - Solid red wood/ oak coffin, polished finish, raised lid. £1,550

  9. Merrion coffin – Solid mahogany coffin, polished finish, raised lid, brass banding £2,150

  10. Sea grass – Eco-friendly woven coffin £895

  11. Water Hyacinth, banana leaf and wicker coffins – Eco–friendly woven coffin £895

Additional services

  • Provision of a limousine/driver: £200
  • Provision of a hearse/driver: £350
  • Horse drawn hearse (dependant on time required): £650-£850
  • Oak/mahogany ashes caskets: £120
  • Ashes scatter tube: £45
  • Provision of four pall bearers: £500
  • Wooden grave cross: £75
  • Funeral director attending interment of ashes: £95
  • Funeral personnel attending crematorium for transportation of deceased prior to service: £220
  • Silk robe: £75

We also offer an inclusive option:

The Purely Cremation

A funeral with limited services including a basic coffin, a hearse and driver. £1,686.75*

Price includes disbursements paid on your behalf.
Minimum disbursements required are £1,061.31

*Please contact us for a detailed explanation of the cost and services provided for a ‘Purely Cremation’.

Children's funerals

Our services are provided free of charge for children under 16 years of age.
This includes the provision of a Basic coffin, our professional and supplementary services (including a hearse or other suitable funeral vehicle).


An estimate of costs will also be given prior to service taking place.