Strawberry & coconut smoothie bowl

Kick off the day with this rainbow bowl, full of juicy fruit and crunchy toppings
Serves 2  / 
Prep 10  / 
Cook TBA


1 Co-op Fairtrade banana, peeled
and frozen (see step 1)
300g Co-op strawberries, hulled,
plus 4 to garnish
½ x 200ml can Co-op light
coconut milk
100ml almond drink
25g Co-op simple granola
80g Co-op Irresistible
10g Co-op desiccated coconut


You need to freeze the banana ahead of time, so peel it, then freeze for at least 4 hours, or overnight so it’s ready in the morning.
Put the 300g strawberries in a blender with the frozen banana, coconut milk and almond drink. Blend well, then scoop into bowls.
Top with bands of granola, blueberries, desiccated coconut and the extra strawberries, sliced.