100-day Community Challenge

100-day Community Challenge

£1,000, 100 days, and 10 community projects. What impact have they made?


To celebrate our 100th birthday, we invited applications from local charities, schools and community groups who need funding for a community project which would be completed in 100 days.

10 projects were chosen, and each received £1,000 towards their project.

All projects had 100 days between 2 September and 11 December 2019 to complete their projects. A lot of work took place during the 100 days but due to bad weather and challenges along the way not all the projects were completed – but plans are well underway.

How did they get on?


Le Rondin School – Sensory project

Le Rondin School set out to redesign and improve four of their sensory rooms, which all provide a host of benefits for children with additional and special needs. The whole refurbishment is costing the school more than £100,000 but the Society’s £1,000 has already made a huge difference to the pupils. Le Rondin have used the money to transform the soft play room, which now includes a ball pool which changes colour, a balance beam, tunnel and slide.

Wesley Methodist Church – Community garden
The church has a pleasant garden to the rear of its premises which has never been utilised to its potential. It has been the wish of the church congregation to open up this space for some time.  Thanks to the 100 Day Community Challenge, the church are recreating a space where the local community can either find peace and quiet, or come and enjoy some play time with their children. Read how the church got on.

La Houguette Primary School – Outdoor space

Pupils' creative ideas are going to be used, in conjunction with support from Arts For Impact, to develop and create a 3D artwork with the school community to include in the planting scheme for the space in front of the school. The artworks will reflect the school's ethos. The plants are designed to be environmentally in keeping with the surroundings, sustainable and attractive to wildlife with the view to being used by pupils to support their learning.

Guernsey Sailing Trust – ‘White store’ renovation
The Trust used the 100 days to renovate the 'White Store' room - which was used to dry and house sailing clothing/gear. The room has been made more multipurpose – with the addition of more shelving and storage facilities, including a dedicated hanging area for clothing/gear to dry out, as well as better lighting and installing a white board so that lessons could be held in this room, and also creating a safe place for children to get into their outer sailing gear.

*Unfortunately St Martin's Primary School had to pull out of the project, meaning there are now nine projects involved in the challenge across the Channel Islands.*



Le Rocquier School – Cleaning up St Clement

Eco ambassadors at Le Rocquier School have been busy cleaning up the lanes around St Clement during the 100 days.
The money was spent on litter pickers, refuse bags, gloves etc. In the longer-term they would like to adopt the local beaches around the school and complete regular litter picks. There are even plans to clean the whole island …

St John's Primary School – Green environment project
St John’s School is very short of green space and unlike many schools, does not enjoy the benefit of a school playing field. But during the 100 days the school grounds have been transformed. They now feature planters, colourful water butts to collect rain water, a bespoke table and chairs and a living wall in the year six area.

Read how the school’s gardening club got on.

Haute Vallée School – Compassion games

Haute Vallée’s idea grew and grew during the 100 days and now the whole school are learning to be more compassionate towards each other. At the beginning of the project the school wanted to run Compassion Games but their idea changed to encompass the school’s green space. They now hope to build a shed and invite members of the community into the shed to work alongside the pupils on projects.
The aim is to connect young people with the whole community, particularly the older generation.

Bel royal school – Playground stage 

Pupils at the school wanted to add something to their playground which would allow them to be more creative.
The idea is to create a playground stage which is accessible to all of the school community. Bel Royal School playground is used by the families who live in the area and it will enhance their play opportunities by offering chances to perform. The stage is due to arrive in January.

Jersey Weightlifting Club – New club 
New club set up to grow and develop the sport of weightlifting in Jersey. This project is intended to make a difference to those already within the sport by way of providing the necessary support but also to get other community members into the sport so that they may also share the health benefits, and sense of achievement. It is intended to have different sessions directed at not only adults, but youngsters and older generations too.