Become a Fairtrade workplace

Become a Fairtrade workplace

Being Fair at work

When it comes to fairness at work, the staff canteen is probably one of the last places you think would be the centre point of ethics.

Yet, what if you knew that you could make a real difference and a positive impact on the world, just in the time it takes to brew your morning tea or coffee before starting a busy work day?

The great news is that now you can. Furthermore, doing your bit to help make the world a fairer place is as simple as making a cup of tea.

Communities across the UK including workplaces, schools, towns, and universities, are becoming certified by the Fairtrade Foundation for showing their commitment to Fairtrade.

To gain this accreditation requires no large expense, no external review or examinations, nor any need for drastic corporate changes. To become a Fairtrade organisation needs one element:

Your workplace offers coffee, sugar and tea products carrying the Fairtrade mark to its staff and visitors.

It could not be easier. Simply by providing Fairtrade certified tea, coffee, sugar, your place of work could apply to be recognised as an official Fairtrade Workplace by the Fairtrade Foundation.

By making the change to Fairtrade goods, you will be joining over 10,000 Fairtrade groups across the nation that are helping to create a fairer world and ensuring farmers in developing countries get a decent return for their produce.

Offering your employees and colleagues a daily Fairtrade tea, coffee or even hot chocolate means you are working alongside them to help make a world of difference. And it starts by making the switch to Fairtrade today.

What’s more, your Coop is helping to support local businesses, offices, schools, and households in our islands to become Fairtrade. The Channel Islands Coop are proud to be the largest stockists of Fairtrade products.

So, with around 200 products carrying the Fairtrade mark, why stop at just tea, coffee and sugar? Head to your nearest Grand Marché and ask one of our colleagues about arranging a regular delivery of Fairtrade goods for your company’s canteen.

Let’s all be fair at work and make the choice to switch to Fairtrade.

Steps to being a Fairtrade workplace

It only takes a few simple steps to become a Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers.

  1. Ensure that your staff and visitor refreshment areas offer (at minimum) tea, coffee and sugar which carry the Fairtrade mark
  2. Head to the Fairtrade Foundation website Get Involved - Fairtrade Foundation
  3. Complete the online form certifying your commitment to Fairtrade
  4. Display your official certificate showing that your workplace is a Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers

To purchase the Fairtrade products for your workplace or to find out more, visit our Grand Marche’s or email us on