Ron Short Bus Service

Ron Short Bus Service

The Ron Short Centre is a Guernsey charity which aims to empower and enable disabled islanders.


The centre acts as a community club offering a place to socialise, get supported employment and help and advice if needed.

Part of the vital service that the centre offers is a frequent minibus service which takes members to visit their local Grand Marché to get their groceries.

The specially adapted minibus can transport people (including those who are in wheelchairs) in comfort and safety to and from their home.

We’re proud to support this service, which runs twice a week during the winter months (October to April). During this time, the bus can take up to 380 passengers to and from Grand Marché St Martin and Grand Marché St Sampson.

The Society eases the financial burden of running this important service by covering the cost of fuel, maintenance and repair services for the van to ensure that it's in tip-top shape for the road.

It’s just another way that your Society is giving back and making a real difference in our local community.

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